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GBE 2D View Navigation

GBE 2D View

  • Page Groups (Navigation) (Right column. Includes 280 Groups ≠ Contents List) G#2823

The following are all anticipated routes into 2D View to be developed in due course:

  • Site Analysis Navigation (E.g. Geography, Geology, Topography, Climate, Solar Access, Pollution, Unexploded Bombs, Historic Data, Social Data,  etc.)
  • Building Use Navigation (E.g. Residential, Commercial, etc.)
  • Building Format Navigation (E.g. Pavilion, Courtyard, Ground scraper, Tower)
  • Building Additions Navigation (E.g. Sunspace, Porch, Canopy, etc.)
  • Building Element Navigation (E.g. Floors, Walls, Foundations, etc.)
  • Building Element Junction Navigation (E.g. Party Floor to External Wall, etc.)
  • Construction Method Navigation (E.g. CLTP, Extruded Fired clay, Cavity Masonry etc.)
  • Building Element Sub-Assembly Navigation (E.g. Core, External Cladding, Internal lining, etc.)
  • Building System Navigation (E.g. Proofing, Acoustic, Thermal, Fire, Gas, Air, Wind, Water, Moisture Vapour, etc.)
  • Services System Navigation (E.g. CAWS, Uniclass, CI/SfB, COBie, etc.)
  • BEACoN Navigation (Building Elemental Assembly Code Number) G#922 N#940
  • BEST Navigation (Building Element Screening Test) G#514 N#532
  • Component Navigation (E.g. stud, skirting, sealant, etc.)
  • Materials Navigation  (E.g. Timber, Concrete, Steel, Screed, Membranes, etc.) G#746 N#768
  • Product Navigation (Classification systems, Products, Trades, Systems, etc.) G#16
  • Accessories Navigation G#3014
  • System Navigation
  • Checklist Navigation (E.g. New build, Refurbishment, Life Style, etc.) G#4201
  • Jargon Buster Navigation (E.g. Themes, Words, Phrases, Initials, Acronyms, Classification, etc.) G#4178
  • GBS Specification Navigation (E.g. Outline, Robust, clause, work section, system, detail, appendix) G#637 N#659
  • Component Specification Navigation (E.g. Component, Material, Product, Ingredient)
  • Elemental Assembly Specification Navigation  N#532
  • Element Sub-assembly Specification Navigation (E.g. Core, External Cladding, Internal lining, etc.)
  • Product Specification Navigation (e.g. CAWS, Uniclass, etc.)
  • Accessory Specification Navigation
  • System Specification Navigation
  • Detail Specification Navigation
  • CAD File Navigation (e.g. BS 1192, CI/SfB, CAWS, Uniclass, etc.)
  • BIM Product Data Sheet Navigation (E.g. Uniclass, IFC, COBie, etc.)
  • Classification Navigation (E.g. Specification, Products, Elements, BIM, IFC, COBie, etc.)

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GBE 2D View Navigation

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GBE 2D View Navigation