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02/12/2013: CAP’EM Investment Building Huddersfield Station Water Tower National Railway Heritage Award

25/02/2014: ACoRP has won another award, this time a local award for Best Refurbished Building in the Huddersfield area!

13/03/2014: CAP’EM Investment Building Huddersfield Station Water Tower Formal opening. 120 Attendees from CAP’EM, Local and Railways: some of the most knowledgable, connected and enthusiastic people I have met in a long while 

National Rail awarded the sensitive refurbishment of the water tower into accommodation for the CAP’EM Project partner ACoRP Association of Community Rail Partnerships

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Further details:

Neil Buxton, General Manager

The Old Water Tower
Huddersfield Railway Station
St George’s Square
Huddersfield HD1 1JF

Phone: 01947 811800
Phone: 01484 548926
Mobile: 0777 979 5671


6 December 2013

Note to editors:

1.      The Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) represents the interests of over 60 Community Rail Partnerships and Station Adoption Groups across the UK.

2.      ACoRP’s water tower is part of Huddersfield’s Grade I listed station.

3.      The CAP’EM (Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials) Project is a North-West European programme (Interreg IVb) drawing together the expertise of 11 partner organisations to improve the production, distribution and use of eco-materials.

a.      CAP’EM objectives:

i.        To develop a shared methodology for the life cycle analysis of the environmental and health impacts of construction materials.

ii.      To evaluate 100 building materials according to this new methodology and enable users to classify them according to multiple criteria.

iii.    To increase the use and knowledge of eco-materials in North-West Europe by engaging with the building industry.

iv.     To demonstrate the use of eco-materials in new build and renovation contexts, via a network of exhibition centres.

b.      CAP’EM goal:

i.        To promote eco-materials and to provide the construction industry with simple and practical tools to support their adoption.

c.       CAP’EM Partners:

i.        The partner organisations come from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

4.      The Railway Heritage Trust (RHT):

a.      Formed in 1985 to assist the operational railway companies in the preservation and upkeep of listed buildings and structures, and in the transfer of non-operational premises and structures to outside bodies willing to undertake their preservation.

b.      It achieves its objectives by giving both advice and grants.

c.       It awards grants following the evaluation of an application, normally on the basis of 10% to 40% of grant-eligible repair or restoration costs, excluding professional fees and project management costs.

© ACoRP 2013

Getting the message across

Neil Buxton asked afterwards if there was any particular reason why the water tower won and he was told:

“That it was because of what we had specifically done to a historic building. They liked the fact that we had kept it exactly as it was, that we had used all the space for a good purpose, that we had used environmentally sound materials and techniques and – most importantly – that we had worked with European funding in an innovative way!


Dear CAP’EM Partners,

Now the opening event at Huddersfield is over it does give the opportunity to sit back and reflect on CAP’EM.

It has been Absolutely brilliant to have had the opportunity to work with you all and thank you so much for your continued support, enthusiasm, knowledge, advice and above all patience in putting up with an eco-amateur such as me.

Everyone at ACoRP (including me), has got so much from the partnership it really has been a truly transnational experience. With the exhibition panels now in place in the water tower there will be ever larger groups of people finding out about the CAP EM story and eco construction and if it changes perceptions and practices in relation to sustainable construction then what a fantastic output – something all of us in CAP EM can be proud of!

Hope one day to see you all again,

Very Best Regards,

John French

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th December 2013- 19th March 2014



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Photo Caption 1: “Neil Buxton, General Manager of ACoRP, receives the award from Loyd Grossman (right) and Network Rail’s Jerry Swift (left)”

CAPEM Huddersfield Water tower Before 2007 png

Photo Caption 2: “ACoRP’s water tower in its original condition”

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Photo Caption 3: “ACoRP’s water tower following the restoration project”

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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th December 2013- 8th December 2013

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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th December 2013- 10th December 2013

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