Accessory Accessories (Jargon Buster) G#1282 N#1275

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Accessory Accessories (Jargon Buster)

Accessory Accessories (Jargon Buster)



  • Components of systems that play a secondary role to products or materials, with functions including fixing, fastening, jointing, adhering, edging, reinforcing, proofing, etc.
  • Includes: metalwork accessories in masonry, sleeves and grommets in membranes, coving and capping in flooring, etc.

(NGS BRM ’13)

Relevance to Sustainable Construction:


  • Accessories are often a necessary part of a system to achieve integrity and competency
  • Accessories can offer and achieve higher levels of performance and effectiveness to and from other adjacent components



  • A bath without a plug is requires a high level of hot water input to exceed the losses from the waste outlet or it is useless, adding a plug avoids the problem.
  • Air and wind tightness membranes allow  thermal conductivity insulation to perform at much higher level of effectiveness
  • Air and wind tightness membranes work better if the sheets are lapped and sealed to each other and at perimeters and pipes are grommeted and sealed to the membranes there they pass through


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Accessory Accessories (Jargon Buster)



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Accessory Accessories (Jargon Buster)
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