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AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building (JB)

AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building (JB)

AECB – Association for Environment Conscious Building

  • The development of our branding has been taken on an evolutionary, not revolutionary journey.
  • Reinforcement of our core ethos and ethics includes returning to the use of the full AECB text and we hope this will be used proudly by us all.
  • This along with the new strapline “building knowledge” brings clarity of message, freshness and authority to our brand.
  • Reinforcement of our values, history and environmental credentials through this new look brings a more approachable image to the association and one which both members and non-members will appreciate.
  • The new colour way and balance of our new logo allows stronger application to all mediums and promotional material.
  • We very much hope you approve of this new look and we will continue to apply this across all forms of AECB literature, website and our outward facing image.

Gill Rivers

Membership Certificate

AECB members can now download a copy of their Membership Certificate here which you can print to display in your business premises.

AECB Member Discounts

A number of businesses offer discounts to AECB members. A full list of discounts available to members can be found here.  Please quote your membership number when ordering and you may be required to produce a copy of your Membership Certificate which you can print or download.


We were pleased to receive the following feedback regarding his AECB membership from Mark Huntley:

“AECB membership has benefitted me greatly over the past year or so as I embarked on renovating and extending our family home.

I learnt so much about things I’d heard of but didn’t understand, like Passive House! AECB introduced me to the principles, I read more and wanted to know more about the specifics of thermal bridging, how to avoid it, air tightness and why it can be so beneficial (but difficult to attain) in retrofit and it’s even gave me the confidence to buy and install an MVHR system in our home!

It gave me the confidence to have conversations with EWI providers and discuss materials and finishing details to my home. I’m more discerning now about U-values and how to source efficient windows and (importantly) their effective installation and I’ve even sourced a thermally efficient front door with my new found knowledge and confidence.”

Mark Huntley

Gill Rivers AECB Business Operations Manager

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13th July 2013 – 6th June 2016

AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building (JB)


AECB – the association for environment conscious building new logo 2013

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13th July 2013 – 6th June 2016

AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building (JB)
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