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GBE Rules of Thumb

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GBE Rules of Thumb

GBE Rules of Thumb forms part of GBE Code and informs GBE Checklist

Proposal to develop Rules of Thumb

For years we have relied upon basic knowledge about methods of construction and material properties

In the world of environmental construction newly introduced materials with unknown properties need to be proved by assessment or test by accredited test houses before we know how they can be used.

We are beginning to see standard calculations being questioned and the theory not always stacking up in reality

We need new Equations, Data sets, Calculators and Design & Decision Tools

In the new world of Evidence Based Design (EBD) we risk not being allowed to rely on tried and tested rules that have guided us for centuries.

These tried and tested rules are based on years of practical experience trying to push boundaries until they fail then taking a step back from the point of failure to a position that is safe, and setting that as a rule of thumb.

GBE will identify Rules of thumb that are okay to use without resort to calculations to per mot their use.



Green Construction Board

  • Top Twenty Tips for Greening the Industry as launched at Ecobuild 2013.
  • The Tips are very straightforward and are being promoted by trade bodies such as FMB and NFB
  • Top 20 Tips 5 topics 4 tips each
  • PDF

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GBE Rules of Thumb
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