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N       Furniture/ Equipment (Navigation)

N1        General purpose fixtures/furnishings/equipment

  • N10      General fixtures/furnishings/equipment
  • N11      Domestic kitchen fittings
  • N12      Catering equipment
  • N13      Sanitary appliances/fittings
  • N14      General Signage Systems
  • N14      Plant containers
  • N15      Fire and safety signage systems
  • N16      Bird and Vermin Control systems
  • N17      Portable Fire fighting systems
  • N18      Internal solar control
  • N19      Internal Planters
  • N2        Special purpose fixtures/furnishings/equipment
  • N20      Appropriate section title for each project

N2        Purpose made fixtures/furnishings/equipment

  • N20A90           Furniture: Performance Specification
  • N20A91           Furniture: Prescriptive Specification
  • N20N00           Furniture: Generally

N2      Furniture: Building Use Specific

  • N20N1             Furniture: Rail/road/water/air transport Facilities
  • N20N15           Furniture: Communication Facilities
  • N20N16           Furniture: Power/water supply Facilities
  • N20N26           Furniture: Agriculture/fishing/forestry Facilities
  • N20N27           Furniture: Factories/manufacturing Facilities
  • N20N3             Furniture: Administration/office/commercial Facilities
  • N20N34           Furniture: Shops/showrooms/stores/shopping centres/warehouse Facilities
  • N20N37           Furniture: Defence/police/prison/fire service Facilities
  • N20N4             Furniture: Hospital/medical/welfare/animal welfare Facilities
  • N20N51           Furniture: Restaurants/snack bars/public houses Facilities
  • N20N52           Furniture: Entertainment/community centres/clubs Facilities
  • N20N56           Furniture: Sports/swimming pools/marinas/stadia Facilities
  • N20N6             Furniture: Religious/Funereal Facilities
  • N20N7             Furniture: Education/Scientific/research Facilities
  • N20N74           Furniture: Assembly/Meeting Facilities
  • N20N76           Furniture: Libraries/records offices/museums/galleries/zoo Facilities
  • N20N8             Furniture: Housing
  • N21      Appropriate section title for each project
  • N22      Appropriate section title for each project
  • N23      Appropriate section title for each project

N25      Permanent safety equipment

  • N25      Permanent safety equipment:
  • N25.1   Permanent safety equipment: Safe Access lines
  • N25.2   Permanent safety equipment: Access cradles

N3       Furniture: Joinery

  • N30      Furniture: Timber & Veneers
  • N31      Furniture: Preservative and Fire Treatment

N4       Furniture: Metalwork

  • N40      Furniture: Metalwork: Generally
  • N41      Furniture: Metalwork: Mild Steel
  • N42      Furniture: Metalwork: Aluminium
  • N43      Furniture: Metalwork: Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • N44      Furniture: Metalwork: Copper and Copper Alloys
  • N49      Furniture: Fixings and Fastenings

N5       Furniture: Services

  • N50      Furniture: Cable Management

N6       Furniture: Hard Materials

  • N60      Furniture: Glass and glazing
  • N61      Furniture: Stone Linings

N7      Furniture: Ironmongery

  • N70      Furniture: Ironmongery

N8        Furniture: Finishes

  • N80      Furniture: French Polishing & Coatings
  • N81      Furniture: Powder coatings

N9       Furniture: Upholstery

  • N90      Furniture: Upholstery Cushioning
  • N91      Furniture: Upholstery Fabrics
  • N91      External Signage and interpretation (NBS)
  • N92      Furniture: Leather
  • N93      Furniture: Linoleum

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N Furniture

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