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Award Banner 8 images

Phentermine Online Nz, Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Tablets

Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) will become the single source for information about creating healthy, environmental and efficient buildings – giving you the freedom to make them beautiful.

GBE will be the place to find design guidance and technical advice regarding the selection, design or specification of building methods, materials, services, systems, products and whole buildings.

Phentermine Online Nz, Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Tablets

Alphabetic order Encyclopaedia is only good if you know the Jargon

GBE Mind map

In reality there needs to be some structure to the information to be able to navigate around it

You will be able to make better decisions in a world that claims to be green, but where things are not always what they appear to be.
GBE is going to be vast, with 32,000 anticipated pages. GBE will include:

Join now and receive five Buy Phentermine Online Australia files + 50% off annual professional membership when we launch (which will include access to our knowledge base).

Phentermine Online Nz, Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Tablets


Join Early 50% discount

GBE is being created by Brian Murphy (‘Phentermine Online Nz’) and a team of specialists. Brian is a technician and architect by training, a specification writer by choice and an environmentalist by action. The GBEBuying Phentermine Online Reviews has complementary skills to provide well rounded, joined up content.

GBE’s website purpose and approach:

* Is to explain building principles in GBE Buy Topamax And Phentermine, interrogate multiple conflicting requirements, investigate potential problems and find competent solutions
* To enable understanding, design, specification, procurement and assembly of competent buildings during the sustainability revolution

*  To enable in-house know-how, instead of reliance upon external sustainability consultants, so that your  organisation can join the sustainability revolution
This includes understanding the physics of building, the science of materials and the crunching of numbers to find competent methods of construction. Evidence Based Design is the approach that we recommend. GBE Evidence Based Case will provide information on a project’s design, construction and verified performance data, as well as outline specifications of building fabric and services.

We will introduce GBE Solution Providers in the form of manufacturers, suppliers & installers, including their materials or products, accessories and systems. These 6 Core Pages are linked to each other to ensure that you find all the parts of any GBE Solution without searching.

GBE Buy Phentramin-D Amazon

GBE Phentermine Australia Buy

The basic principle behind the structure of this website is to link between the Phentermine Online No Prescription of Solutions and Solution Providers. In reality, the links go beyond these core clusters, to link every page to any related and relevant other page – so that you don’t have to search or guess the whereabouts of those pages.

Is the GBE website and encyclopaedia well structured?

  • GBE is designed to mimic neural networks of the human brain:
  • Every page knows where everything related to it is located
  • The pages let their presence be known
  • Every related page will be listed and linked in the ‘See Also’ right column
  • Everything is linked in both directions
  • Nobody has to search for anything…
  • …Except your original enquiry (and Google found that for you)
  • There will be a search engine for pages, posts or documents, found on the website header
  • Navigating or drilling down the drop down menus will also find most things

GBE is experimenting with touch screen GBE How To Order Phentermine 37.5 Mg pages
The result is a well structured set of clusters of information. These are accessible without having to understand the structure of the website, or construction industry classification systems or jargon.

GBE Phentermine Clinic Visalia Ca will be developed to use expert system principles to ask many questions and offer multiple choice answers. Depending upon the answer chosen, the subsequent series of questions will help to derive  from one million options a few shortlisted answers. These solutions will lead to the GBE Solution Providers and their products.

Is GBE working?

The prototype Legitimate Phentermine Online 2013 and in 24 months it attracted:

  • 2,406 page views per day, cumulative average (18/09/2015)
  • 63,157 page views per month (18/09/2015)
  • 910,948 page views in 12 months (18/09/2015)
  • 1,802,206 page views total 2 years (18/09/2015)
  • 34,579 document downloads (18/09/2015)

Keep coming back

The site is embryonic and the content is constantly being updated. Please keep coming back to see what else has been added that can help you become an even more informed, environmentally aware individual capable of influencing others.

Join now and receive five CPD seminar files + 50% off annual professional membership when we launch (which will include access to our knowledgebase).

Designing, choosing methods, materials, systems, products and specifying a building is complex

GBE realises that designing, choosing and specifying for building is complex – even more so if you are trying to be healthy, environmentally friendly, energy and material efficient. There are too many options and alternatives which are full of short term, financially tempting compromises.

If this is your own home or place of business, this is an opportunity to create a bill-free, healthy living and working space. Choosing between methods of construction, materials,Buying Phentermine Online From Canada,Buy Adipex 37.5 Online andCan U Buy Phentermine In Canada is a mind blowing, complex affair that is difficult to get right.  It is complex if you are not trained in the subject.

We are all surrounded by advisory or promotional manufacturer associations.  Even in the presence of good information, there is little joined up thinking.
Trying to make sense of all of this information is a challenge for architects, design professionals and constructors, let alone self builders BIYers, DIYers or first time clients.  So GBE has set out to try to help all of you in your quest.

GBE is finding other people to join the team that know about lifestyle, behaviour change, furniture, interiors, landscape, biodiversity, water, energy, lighting structures, civil engineering and infrastructure.
GBE will offer well-rounded content, where everything is given a level playing field with all the players on the pitch.  We will show their strengths and weaknesses and help you to find the right combinations that work effectively together.

GBE will:

  • Enable the re-education of the construction industry
  • Serve students, as they are the future
  • Introduce and translate the sustainability revolution jargon with GBE Jargon Buster
  • Address things that you can implement in your daily work
  • Put ideas in your head that will question received wisdom
  • Develop GBE Code of design principles: GBE Patterns, GBE Rules of Thumb
  • Develop GBE Equations, GBE Calculators and GBE Data
  • Introduce GBE Defects – linked to GBE Solutions

GBE will advise which materials to avoid and reduce within New Build, Existing Building and Adaptation GBE Checklists we will suggest alternatives materials and product lists to consider in their place.

GBE Shop

Latest Additions:

Join Early 50% discount