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GBE Collaborate Template

GBE Collaborate Template

GBE Incubator is a stepping stone towards full pages on GBE website;

6 reasons present themselves for products being in GBE Incubator not in GBE Product Pages:

  • During the development of the website some pages were added to test the Neural Network Principles of linkages and intervisibility, these have proven themselves to be very successful at increasing page view numbers.
  • The manufacturer is in research and development, prototype or testing and verification stages and have yet to bring the product to market, GBE like the company and the product and will support them in whatever way possible and hope to support their business once in the market.
  • GBE wish to include the supplier or manufacturer and their product(s) on the website, a demonstration page is established to test the water, to generate page views and document downloads, once this is successful then the manufacturer is informed and invited to pay to develop the page from basic to enhanced content and pay for their presence in the main schedules of product pages from then onwards.
  • GBE Users have Nominated a product for consideration and they are added to GBE Incubator until evaluated
  • GBE Team are waiting to receive and review the product literature and specification of a product and we don’t yet know what is made of nor if its green enough.
  • GBE Incubator Schedule has been created to collate the basic information for Incubator purposes.
  • Where products were considered for GBE PASS Product Accessory System Screening but are likely to get ‘borderline’ rather than ‘Pass’; because they have some merits worth considering rather than being outright rejected.

You are invited to comment on the products for or against.

Users are encouraged to encourage manufacturers and suppliers to consider having their products added to GBE Incubator and hence onto GBE Product Pages

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
18th April 2013 – 29th January 2016

GBE Collaborate Template


GBEIncubatorProductScheduleA01BRM161215 (PDF)



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18th April 2013 – 29th January 2018

GBE Incubator Collaborate
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