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GreenSpec Accolades G#681 N#703

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GreenSpec Accolades

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GreenSpec Endorsements

GreenSpec CPD was BrianSpecMan of NGS

“GreenSpec is the go-to reliable and trusted source of information for designers and specifiers wanting to advance their knowledge of green building products, materials and construction techniques.  In an increasingly polluted world, GreenSpec’s PASS endorsement methodology sets the green standard in environmental product declarations.” 2013

Lynne Sullivan OBE, RIBA FRSA, Partner sustainableBYdesign LLP

‘GreenSpec is recognised by a wide range of organisations, including government, and is an informed source in respect of sustainable construction and products’:

GreenSpec is listed as the sole source of Green construction information by:

The Joint Contracts Tribunal, – Guidance Note – Building a sustainable future together

GreenSpec design guidance is referred to by:

Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide. 

GreenSpec promoted as a preferred source for information about Green products and materials.

The RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors operated ‘Ska Rating’ system 

GreenSpec is listed as a standard source for major non-government organisations including:

the UK Green Building Council, Constructing Excellence, BRE, NBS and WRAP

County, City, Borough local authorities list GreenSpec as a source of information for sustainable construction design guidance. Authorities include:

Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government, Kent, Bristol, Brighton, Warwick, Leicester, Nottingham, Lambeth, Camden, Lewisham, Westminster, Richmond, the Wirral, Durham, Dundee, Croydon, the Royal Borough of Windsor, Maidenhead and many others.

‘I recommend materials and products on a daily basis, and knowing which are more environmentally benign is a minefield. Having searched for standardised information I have found nothing that rivals GreenSpec.
The website is well organised, thorough, transparent, and well researched. In a word ‘brilliant’! I’ve seen the website develop over the years and trust its content to be un-biased and truly environmentally focussed.
Sandy and Brian at GreenSpec have revolutionised the way I specify materials.
I consult this website first and recommend it to all colleagues and clients.’
Sylvia Juzwa, formerly Senior Sustainability Consultant, BDP

I was blown away by the ‘comprehensiveness, user-friendliness, common sense and sheer bloody brilliance.
Suzy Edwards, BRE associate and author of ‘Methodology for Environmental Profiles of Construction Materials, Components and Buildings’

While RICS and the BRE offer quite good insights into the theory of sustainability in construction, they distinctly lack information on the application of the issues.
GreenSpec offers a good balance of content that ranges from design to building products and materials.
A nice feature is the extensive separate lists of building products and materials information, a feature found only in GreenSpec.
Craig Clark, NBS National Building Specification

‘GreenSpec is one of the council’s major reference points for green specification and construction information.’
Paul Cladwell, Wirral Council

‘GreenSpec is an online CPD for sustainable construction’
Pat Borer, architect and author (Whole House Book)

‘An invaluable guide to products with green credentials’
The Independent

With regard to GreenSpec, I have found your website very helpful and informative, and I very quickly had it in ‘my favourites’. As my appreciation of the subject has increased, I found myself revisiting GreenSpec more frequently, and now it is my first point of call for materials over the RIBA Product Selector and Barbour Index. Your ‘tell it how it is’ policy is in my opinion, open and honest, and should be the way all materials are chosen, this way you get to make an informed choice, which can only be to the benefit of us all. Keep up the good work!

Paul Bevis of Baily P Architects

I also wanted to let you know that the GreenSpec website is highly recommended by the tutors at Southampton Solent University and some use it a resource for lecture material.

Karla Fox-Reynolds Ex Interior Design degree student and now Indoor Air Quality specialist Cundall Australia.

The GreenSpec web resource is quite amazing – I think I’d come across it before, but not taken the time to delve in deep.

Michael Herrmann, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
9th January 2013 – 12th October 2021


National eWell-Being Awards 2004

Organiser: UKCEED.pngUKCEED‘s & Sustain IT‘s Sustainability Award

Category: Environmental Efficiency

Result: Runner up Commended

Category Sponsor: Brother

Guardian Supplement Page 4

eWellBeing Commended GreenSpec 2004.jpg


Peterborough Telegraph Green Awards 2012

Peterborough Environment City Trust 

Green Awards 2012


PECT_logo_low_res.png PECT

Telegraph.png Peterborough Telegraph

Rachel Huxley PECT CEO speech: Video

Category: Product Innovation

Category Award Sponsor: Meridian Network Solutions Ltd.


Result: Award to GreenSpec website


Prizes: Photo pending…

GreenSpec SustainIT Award PDF

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
9th January 2013 – 12th October 2021

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
9th January 2013 – 12th October 2021

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