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GreenSpec (History) G#993 N#1014

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GreenSpec (History)

GreenSpec (History)

Established in 2001 by architects and specification writers to support designers, technicians, specifiers, other construction industry members, procurers, clients, self builders and public at large.

If you procure, commission, design, specify, manufacture, construct, maintain, refurbish, retrofit, deconstruct, reclaim or reuse buildings then GreenSpec can inform your environmental choices, help improve your understanding and increase the information on methods and approaches at your disposal.


  • Brian Murphy invited to speak at Green is the Colour BD Conference 1999
  • Brian Murphy launched NGS National Green Specification 21 Nov 2001
  • Brian Murphy’s ambition is to create an Encyclopaedia of Green Construction
  • Sandy Patience joined forces with NGS to develop a new Website, Sandy is an Architect, experienced information user and keen to see Sustainability brought to the masses. April 2003.
  • NGS’s Website Branded GreenSpec
  • MyGreenSpec later rebranded GreenSpec Studio demonstrated 2008 launched 2009 and disappeared in 2014.
  • Brian Murphy pubished CPD seminars on Scribd (2009)
  • John Bullock joined GreenSpec to cover lighting
  • Cath Hassell of ecH2O joined GreenSpec to focus on water.
  • GreenSpecLight launched 2011 to develop Corporate Sustainability
  • Rachael Edwards joined forces to drag the website into the 21st centrury.
  • GreenSpecDownload website started September 2012, launch in 2013, initially as a sister website but progressively became the exit strategy from GreenSpec for BrianSpecMan.
  • GreenSpec Ltd. established 2013 (Sandy Patience is now the sole Director)
  • NGS National Green Specification (Nat. Green Specification Ltd. established 2013 BrianSpecMan is sole Director)
  • Brian Murphy withdraws from GreenSpec Ltd. to focus on Green Building Encyclopaedia
  • GreenSpecDownload website reworked as NGS website progressively removing reference to GreenSpec
  • Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) website commissioned 2015
  • NGS website progressively wound down during 2015 and content transferred to GBE website May-September 2015
  • NGS website emptied and turned off (except for a link to GBE) Sept 2015
  • GBE website made available to Google and other search engines Autumn 2015

Global Users:

GreenSpec receives 45 – 50,000 unique visits a month

Our audience is worldwide, predominantly english reading countries, our focus is UK construction methods and products available in or from the UK; our activities extend into EU mainland and we are influenced by our involvement in project and by their partners.

We have even had the website copied (copyright infringement of the worst kind) in Russian, following a visit by Russian Green Building Council, they wanted to have our content for free and we said no. Read what you will into that. But the result is a farce: UK practice, UK products and UK contact details for a Russian climate audience.


eWellBeing Commended GreenSpec 2004.jpgPECTAwardLogo.png

What does GreenSpec do?

  • GreenSpec identifies and endorses green building products, systems and services using the GreenSpecPASS Product Assessment Screening System. GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGES includes a directory of endorsed products along with supporting environmental and specification data.


  • GreenSpec is dedicated to disseminating information about green building materials and construction techniques.
  • GreenSpec website features many original guides and articles aimed at appraising practicing architects and designers of new developments in design, materials and fabrication for inclusion in their daily work.

© GBE NGS ASWS  BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
17th December 2012 – 1st November 2016

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