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GBE Marketing activity

GBE Track record

For the last two years NGS/GBE prototype website generated 1.8m page views 2450 per day and 34,500 downloads of product literature and specifications.

GBE Marketing Plan

GBE with Nigel Temple of Marketing Compass have developed a strong Marketing Plan and GBE has started acting on many fronts.

GBE Social Media

Any new pages and Issue papers added or updated on the GBE website will be mentioned via many business and social media sites e.g.

  • Linked in (4000+ followers): Posting Issue Page updates and CPD Topics
  • Twitter 2700 followers between @GBEGreenBuild @BrianSpecMan;
  • Facebook: BrianSpecMan and other group page: E.g. LCA, Homeowners, etc.;
  • Google+: BrianSpecMan and CAPEM
  • Pictures on GBE Pages are posted on Pinterest’s National Green Specification Ltd. page with links back to their GBE website Pages, and simultaneously posted in social media pages
  • GBE are using Buffer to disseminate page updates and additions to social media at optimum times

GBE Newsletters

GBE reports on exhibitions and events and additions to the website

  • GBE Members Newsletter No1 in October 2015
  • GBE Members Newsletter No2 in November 2015

GBE informs about services and additions to the website

  • GBE Solution Providers News No1 October 2015
  • GBE Solution Providers News No2 November 2015
  • GBE Newsletters to see No 3 -10 G#4071 

GBE Issue Papers

GBE has written, is planning or has published GBE Issue Paper on:

  • Overheating which identifies and links up Problems with Solutions to Solution Providers
  • Overheating (Issue Paper) G#145
  • Retrofit Internal and External Thermal Insulation
  • Air leakage and Wind tightness
  • Flood Tolerance
  • Squashed Loft Insulation (Issue Paper) G#13919

GBE Issue Papers link Problems and Solutions to GBE Encyclopaedia content.

GBE Issue Papers will be populated with links to Company and Product pages

GBE plan to use the Overheating paper as part of our launch to Media and magazines

GBE mailchimp email campaign:

GBE has a mailchimp email campaign account and is currently adding an initial 2000 of our own email contacts to it.

GBE has started sending out newsletters and issue papers to:

  • 900 Architect contacts
  • 150 ex-students
  • 220 membership groups
  • 180 CPD providers.
  • 600 Solution Providers: manufacturers, suppliers, installers and service providers and specialist consultants.
  • 120 overheating contacts,
  • 200 Housing Providers,
  • 200 Local Government,
  • 65 Constructors.
  • 460 media contacts

New GBE Pages, Specifications, Newsletters and Issue papers will all be promoted via Mailchimp and simultaneously to business and social media sites.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
18th November 2015 – 21st January 2017

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