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Resource EcoBuild 2016 Follow Up G#10620

By 23 March 2016March 25th, 2016GBE Marketing

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Resource EcoBuild 2016 Follow Up

Resource EcoBuild 2016 Follow Up

The current doctrine of ‘Politicians enable Profits before People before Planet’ persists.

GBE seeks out Construction Environmental Issues,

  • Problems, Solutions (Products, Accessories, Systems) and
  • Solution Providers (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Installers)

to enable those who care about the planet’s long-term ability to support people and biodiversity, to make the right choices.

Manufacturers dwell in the same arena, they are problem solvers, usually driven by the latest piece of legislation or campaign, requiring a tweak or a completely new model. Then trying to communicate with the inaccessible specifiers that need to know.

GBE’s HERACEY™ Healthy Environmental Resourceful Appropriate Competent Effective Yardstick guides our choices.

When GBE find materials, products, accessories and systems that engage with these issues we help to promote them over conventional ones that may be chosen for all the right and wrong reasons.

Green Building Encyclopaedia aims to deliver a comprehensive range of information that the construction industry and its specifiers, need to make appropriate choices and enable them to defend their decisions against cost controllers and purchasers.

GBE’s background is specification writing, robust specifications that are useful to deliver the right information to all members of the demand and supply chains, that are robust enough to defend the choices in cost cutting, value engineering and substitution.

Specification writing can be difficult, extracting all the right information from literature and sifting out facts from promotional marketing; turning guidance into instruction.

Having a ready-made specification clause makes it easy to add into contract documents.

GBE consists of joined-up company pages, material and products pages, design guidance, checklists, jargon busters, CPD seminars, calculators, information and library pages, and a whole lot more.

Where any page has corresponding information in other pages they are all listed and inter-linked in both directions to avoid searching menus and lists.

Product pages can have any or all types of information if and when such information is available:

  • Images, About,
  • PASS, HERACEY, Echo, LCA and EPD,
  • Product data sheet, Application data sheet,
  • BIM CAD model, BIM product data sheet, COBie spreadsheet,
  • Documents, Product Specification, Elemental Assembly Specification, Workmanship Specification, Waste Specification, FM Spec In Use Maintenance Specification,
  • Materials, Products, Accessories, Systems, Elemental Assemblies,
  • End Of Life Options, Products Passport, See Also, Classify,
  • Manufacturer, Supplier, Installer/Applicator.

Where such information does not yet exist GBE work with the company to extract and populate information in the right places, including guiding the company on environmental properties to promote whilst avoiding green-wash.

Prices enable low cost entry and lower cost annual renewal, individual services are priced to enable you to match your budget.

GBE provides a simple service calculator: Choice of services: Yes or No, you add quantities it will generate set up and renewal costs in £ or € and quantity discounts apply.

GBE also bundles services into basic, standard, enhanced or premium packages or bespoke services.

Guide Prices See Schedules below:

Ideally your company, products, specification are added to the GBE website on their own pages to increase the exposure of your product and their specifications to the growing traffic through GBE website.

I look forward to hearing from you if any of the above or below could meet your current and future needs.


Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
23rd March 2016

Price Guide:


Briefing process between you and GBE Free
Products or accessory clause £25.00
System or assembly clauses £25.00
Detail specification clause £25.00
Whole specification work section including applications workmanship, tolerances, etc. £25/hour
Matrix of products/accessories/applications/assemblies with specification references £25/hour

Ideally your company, products, specification are added to the GBE website on their own pages to increase the exposure of your product and their specifications to the growing traffic through GBE website.


Set up Annual renewal
Basic pages (Company/Product/Accessory/System/Specification) £50 each £50 each
Document uploads (free user downloads) £5 each Only if changes occur
Product Data Sheets (Company/Product/Application/BIM/COBie) £25 each Only if changes occur
Other services See Bespoke Budget Calculator


Setup Renewal Setup Renewal
Standard £376.00 £110.00 € 485.04 € 141.90
Enhanced £1,212.60 £210.00 € 1,564.25 € 270.90
Premium £1,875.30 £310.00 € 2,419.14 € 399.90

Speak with Brian Murphy about Specifications, Pages and
Advertising in GBE Encyclopaedia and GBE Newsletters

T 01733 238148  M 07973 281024 (UK GMT 09:00 – 18:00)

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