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GBE Linkages Enrichment G#1313 N#1302

GBE 6 Core Pages Connectivity Inte- visibility

GBE Linkages Enrichment

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GBE Linkages Enrichment

GBE Page Linking

Each Page is linked to all related and relevant pages

Each Linked page is listed and linked in both directions

Each linked page is listed and linked to be visible without searching

GBE File Linking

Each Page is linked to all related and relevant files

Each Linked file is listed and linked

Each linked file is listed and linked to be visible without searching

Each Linked file will have a cover image for ease of recognition

There is no limit to the number and type of document added and linked, but GBE tries to limit the content to those pages and files appropriate to the scope of the page.

Most file sizes can be carried and any larger files are linked to an internet resource website.

GBE Enrichment

In order for the users to understand the relevance and importance of any system, product or accessory or any of their properties or attributes GBE can also link the manufacturer’s pages into parts of the GBE Encyclopaedia pages including:

GBE Jargon Buster to explain abbreviations, acronyms, words and phrases; and provide meanings and how they apply to environmental design, with examples.

GBE CPD seminars to explain environmental construction, procurement and specification in more detail

GBE Checklists to promote greener alternatives to default or habitual choices and steer away from bad ones

GBE Defects to analyse problems, explain how and why they failed and offer potential solutions

GBE Solutions to explain in detail how a manufacturer developed a solutions to a defined problem

GBE Code: A code for the design of Healthy, Environmental, Appropriate, Effective, Resourceful and Competent Construction

GBE Patterns: Patterns are design principles to be adopted to meet GBE Code

Linking the manufacturer’s pages to the GBE Encyclopaedia and visa versa is carried out at the company’s expense.

It enriches the experience of the users and has the added advantage of linking more users to the company and product pages.

GBE Linkages and Enhancements

  • The basic principle behind the structure of this website is to link between the 6 Core Pages of Solutions and Solution Providers.
  • In reality, the links go beyond these core clusters, to link every page to any related and relevant other page – so that you don’t have to search or guess the whereabouts of those pages.

GBE Navigation

  • GBE is designed to mimic neural networks of the human brain:
  • Every page knows where everything related to it is located
  • Those pages let their presence be known
  • Every related page is being listed and linked in the ‘See Also’ right column
  • Everything is linked in both directions
  • Nobody has to search for anything…
  • …Except your original enquiry (and Google found that for you)
  • There is a search box for keywords, pages, posts, portfolios, CPDs or documents, found on the website header
  • Navigating or drilling down the drop down menus will also find most things
  • There are also 100 touch screen Navigation pages leading to 300 page groups and 2050 pages
  • The result is a well structured set of clusters of information.
  • These are accessible without having to understand the structure of the website, or construction industry classification systems or jargon.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
5th December 2013 – 9th July 2019

GBE Linkages Enrichment

NGS Product Accessory System Diagram png

  • Systems are made up of one or more products and one or more accessories
  • Systems may be sub-systems of a Building Element (wall or floor)

6 Core Pages Linking Inter-visibility

6 Core Pages Linking Inter-visibility

  • Basic Linkages: 6 Core pages visible to each other
  • Linked by hyperlinks, a click of the mouse away
  • No searching up and down menus to find related information

NGS Basic Linkages Diagram png

  • GBE Basic Linkages with pages of the GBE Encyclopaedia
  • Enrichment of users awareness of related information
  • Enable the user to understand the characteristics of a product and why one is more appropriate than any other in any situation.
  • Enable then to choose a product for the right reasons
  • Empower them to defend a Specification at the time of Cost Cutting, Value Engineering and Substitution.

NGS Manufacturer Service Diagarms A01 BRM 081213 png

GBE Full Linkages and Enrichment to all relevant parts of the website

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
5th December 2013 – 9th July 2019

GBE Linkages Enrichment
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GBE Jargon Buster

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
5th December 2013 – 9th December 2017

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