NGS Website penultimate webstats 7th June 2015 G#102

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NGS Website penultimate webstats 7th June 2015

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With less than a months to go the existing website continues to clock up statistics, the new website should be ready by the end of June.

These statistics are quite impressive but we anticipate the new website generating considerably more once in place.

Start of day statistics: at 578 days since monitoring started:

2,451 average page views per day running total

13,823 page views over 7 days

74,765 average page views per month

990,297 total page views 1 rolling year

1,580,684 running total page view

19,087 updates to page content

1,772 pages

892 page views per number of pages

1.4 page views per page per day

29,436 document downloads (product information, CPD, Specifications, etc.)

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7th June 2015 – 27th October 2015

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