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GBE CPD Sustainable Refurb Materials Spec BRM190320 S1

Elisabetta Li Destri Nicosia Associate Sustainable Futures HTA Design LLP

“Thank you ever so much for the session, I only received incredibly positive feedback so thank you very much.”


GBE CPD Overheating CIOB 111119 S71 PNG

Sonia Short, MSEC Midlands, The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) @ Hatfield Herts.

  • I promised that I would feedback from the event survey from Build Right, Insulate Right, Solar Tight.
  • In general people marked the presentation as either good or excellent. 

Here are some of the comments:

  • Presenter was very good.
  • It was at times difficult to concentrate on the presentation with all the brochures etc being passed round, however, it was obvious the passion and knowledge that the speaker had of the subject.
  • Speaker was clearly an expert in his field.
  • If only I had known about dense fibre board as a means of insulating my roof against thermal radiation 10 years ago, instead of listening to the (plastic insulation manufacturer) sales blurb, we’d have a much cooler loft conversion.
  • Brian was extremely knowledgeable about the subject which captured the attendees interaction.
  • A privilege to spend time with an expert in the field.
  • Very interactive with the use of samples, books, further information locations and access to PowerPoint.

Thanks again for doing this presentation – great feedback!

GBE CPD Sustainable Building Materials Green Or Violet Which to you use? USE NET_Learning S1

Jerome Le Dorze Associate, 5plus Architects

Thank you for this amazing presentation. Please send us your pdf. I will talk about you to our directors.

Its is clear to me that we need Insulation Consultants as well as Energy or BREEAM Consultants; all in one if that were possible.


Valeria Di Tommasi Architetto Italian Delegation on NET Learning Project

Good afternoon Brian,
Thanks for informations and for opportunity to attend the seminars. I really enjoyed the Net-learnig course.
I looking forward to attend others interesting events.
NET Learning Students 1

NET Learning Students 1


Mark Willis Director, Harrington Design Architects
24th March 2015
I have been to one of your lectures and was very impressed with the ground that you covered.
I hope I’m one of the converted, but getting a client base to buy into your ideas is really difficult.
But we can only plug away at it.
Hopefully when you’re presenting next over this way I can get to come along.


Interreg JTS team outing to UK visit to CAP’EM Build4 31/05/2013
Presentation on CAP’EM & CAP’EM Compass and sample of EcoConstruction materials
Alisa Yingling, Project Manager – CAP’EM, BSK-CiC
I agree that event was great and absolutely enhanced by your presence.
Thanks a million times for making the trip down.


International ‘Natureplus’ and ‘Cap’em LCA’, at Gent Belgium 16-17/05/2013
Conference organised by VIBE Elke Lotens Administratie

By organising conferences with a more professional and scientific audience, VIBE, as an independent institute, manages to contribute to a sustainable economy and an evolving building sector.
We’re looking back with great satisfaction to these past days and we would thank you for your most valued contribution.
Your presence undoubtedly contributed to the success of the conference day(s)
Thank you very much!


Miki Cook, LEED® AP/Homes, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant, Sr. City of Austin Texas USA

January 2013

I developed and host an education series for the last four years (fifth year 2013) the sessions themselves are always presented by “experts.”  I have suggested strategies for their discussion, we have always had a session on ‘designing for resource efficiency’.  I have a local architectural firm (3 partners) who have participated in this session.  I saw, your PowerPoint ‘Resource Efficient Design’ on Scribd, it is the best I’ve even seen on this topic I have never seen someone “hit the nail on the head” with the broad range of methods that you have addressed and I would love to use it with your permission.  Thanks for the effort you have made and for sharing.
Resource Efficient Design Cover png

Matt Adams, Senior Landscape Architect, Groundwork Merton:

Thank you very much once again for your advice, energy and enthusiasm in helping us to organise and run the seminar on Friday, and also for your informative and entertaining series of presentations.  We feel that it was an extremely useful and informative event, and the feedback forms suggest that the participants felt the same. Your infectious enthusiasm and detailed knowledge really drove the day and gave us a remarkable level of participation from the delegates.  Your presentations have provided us, and the other attendees, with a great deal of valuable information and food for thought.

I look forward to working with you in the development of this exciting project, and also in future projects.

Mairi Morse at Haverstock Associates London:

I think it is safe to say by the talk in the office right now that you have really inspired us to take a closer look at the issues you brought up and I’m sure your website will be getting good use from us.

“If only I had this at college” “I know what I will do next year at Uni.” “You should be offering to speak to college students”

Helen Taylor RIBA Council at Kingston Uni.: students and local practice seminar ‘Barriers and Success stories in environmental design’:

“I have been to many Sustainability events and paid lots of money and got nothing useful out of it, this is the best event I have attended, it’s about real practical things I can do something about in my work, thank you so much.”

Chris Tearney Gateshead Council Environmental Services Direct Works Department:

Responsible for Housing Improvement Works Decent Homes Programme, Stores, Purchasing and a Waste Transfer Station

Brian, Thanks for your presentations yesterday.  The whole session was delivered with the passion that you so obviously have for the subjects and I have had very positive feedback from the delegates.  Hopefully they are suitable inspired!!!

Neil Burton, Hetreed Ross Architects:

We were impressed with the wealth of knowledge you have in this area and would like to see more people like yourself out there championing the greenies…. especially in the construction industry where it’s difficult to get bodies to sign up to green thinking earlier rather than bolt on goodies retrospectively!

Dr Carol Williams, Bats and the Built Environment Project Officer, Bat Conservation Trust

This is to say a huge thank you for being on the expert panel at the mitigation conference. The feedback from that session was very positive and talking to building industry experts in this way was clearly something that it was very important for bat workers to do. Your input was so informative and enthusiastic and I am sure this session has paved the way for more of these types of interactions in the future.

This is to say a big thank you again for giving up your time, especially on a Sunday, to come and lead a workshop at the conference. I think you could tell how well received it was. They didn’t really want to let you go did they!


Rick Alston HPA architects in Lancaster and student on day release at University of Central Lancashire:

I found your talk very interesting (if a bit of an ‘eye-opener’) although it has galvanised me into focusing on this area, I am 23 years old so I am sure this is going to be a huge topic in my professional life.

Florent Duperrin MCM Architecture Ltd:

Thank you for the Office Eco-Refurbishment CPD, I have had some good feedback.  It was just the right balance for the whole office with mixed levels of experience.  Thanks also for agreeing to collaborate on the Think2008 exhibition displays on EcoRefurbishment of Office Buildings.


Cathy Freeman Member Services Administrator RICS South West:

Your presentation was excellent and you had us all captivated – I just wish we had had more time to explore the subject further with you.

Tony Randall Grosvenor Group:

Many thanks for your CPD on the GreenSpec I have had a positive response from all who attended.

I may be picking your brains about SWMP’s and clients duties, actually I have handed this task to my new surveyor.  So if ok with you expect a call.

Nick Silcock, Stephen George and Partners

Thanks for the presentation; it was great to hear from someone with a real passion for green issues.

Vanessa Tilling GO-East Government Office East of England:

That was so inspiring; I loved the good v bad, very clever and delivered with humour

Bruce Pittingale HEON Housing Energy Officer Network Conference:

76% feedback form received, 95% in top mark for your presentation, thanks for a great contribution to a very successful day


Peter Johnson Environmental Officer, Kier Eastern EPIC Environmental Performance Improvement Club Event:

Your fame in Norwich goes before you, a number attendees have already commented they are looking forward to hearing you speak!

Dusty Gedge Living Roofs:

Brian and I bump into each other at a lot of events, I used to think I was a bit hyper, now I am not so sure, have you seen Brian in action?

Bruce Raw Associate Director Bond Bryan Architects:
Just a short email to say a big thank you for your inspirational CPD seminar and workshops you presented at our offices.
It certainly made a very big impression on those who attended, in the feedback I’ve had.
It has also raised a number of issues and has generated a great deal of discussion amongst our teams in relation to our projects and future specifications.
I am just putting your PowerPoint presentation on our internal wiki, ‘the Hub’ for the whole of our staff to view.

Steve Bickell College of Estate Management Reading University:

Following the success of the Sustainability and the Built Environment workshop, I would like to personally thank you for presenting and participating in this event.  I have received very positive feedback from the attendees and I look forward to working together in the future.

Paul Bevis of Baily P Architects:

Many thanks for your input at the recent Green Register Seminar, I personally found them very enjoyable and most enlightening, and it has set me on a bit of a crusade both when specifying, and dealing with our practices both within the office and outside!

With regard to GreenSpec, I have found your website very helpful and informative, and I very quickly had it in ‘my favourites’. As my appreciation of the subject has increased, I found myself revisiting GreenSpec more frequently, and now it is my first point of call for materials over the RIBA Product Selector and Barbour Index. Your ‘tell it how it is’ policy is in my opinion, open and honest, and should be the way all materials are chosen, this way you get to make an informed choice, which can only be to the benefit of us all. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Smith, CPD Consultant, RIBA South East:

On behalf of all the RIBA members who attended your excellent seminar last Thursday I should like to thank you for all your time, effort and enthusiasm.  The feedback I have received is very positive with “very interesting” and “informative” being mentioned frequently.  I really do appreciate all your work on our behalf and I was only sorry to have to bring the event to a close.  I am sure we could have gone on for a lot longer!  I only wish we could have more seminars as this.

Helen Wren RIBA South East:

Tuesday was a great success – a fantastic buzz in the hall all day, very happy exhibitors and excellent feedback from the delegates.  So, on behalf of all the team at RIBA South East, a huge thank you for your workshop and for speaking at the evening question time session.

The delegates are asking for your presentation to download.

Elizabeth Kavanagh, Stride Treglown Architects:

The green-themed CPD series we did was a real hit and oversubscribed.  One of the two most popular was Brian Murphy of the NGS GreenSpec website, covered waste management, performance specification, airtightness testing, products and materials, durability and whole life costs, design and guidance.

Top CPD survey of 50 practices: (article gone now)

Hunter Hardy, WR Dunn Ltd. Architects and Surveyors:

Many thanks for coming down and doing the talk on Friday. I and I know the rest of the architects enjoyed the talk and it definitely got one thinking.

Alisa Yingling Sustainable Construction Manager – Sustainable Business Service Kent:

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the huge effort that you put into our conference last week.  I have to tell you that you received some of the highest feedback marks across the board and I thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Materials’ masterclass!  I would love to chat further about the ‘losing heat through party walls’ issue!

Feedback ratings: 9 No. returns heard Brian: 7 No. 5s (Top mark: Very satisfied) and 2 No. 4s

4 “Very Good”

5 “Alternative products from Brian should become standard ASAP”

5 “Brian Murphy was a breath of fresh air and his enthusiasm would make clients think about their projects in a truly sustainable way”


Venessa Tilling GO-East Government Office East Of England:

Your talk, as ever, was inspiring, and refreshing (even for someone who works for the government!).
I found myself grinning so much that my face ached at the end.
I don’t know if we’ll have made any difference after today, but at least the message has been reinforced.

Edith Colomba: at HTA Architects

By the way, I love your presentation: Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency Cover png

Nic Crawley 
Associate & Head of Sustainability


Thanks Brian, it was good to meet you and I know that the people who attended found it a very useful session.

Topic: Commercial Green Part 2


David Allen CMIOSH AIEMA, Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, Kier Construction, Central:

Firstly may I thank you for your sterling performance at Warwick.

I like to watch an audience when a speaker is presenting for what I call the “fidget factor” as the body language is a good indicator of how interested the audience is. Through out your session the audience almost without exception sat transfixed.   I’m not sure if they were like rabbits in the headlights but there was barely a twitch.  Many delegates spoke to me afterwards and said that while the flow of information was at a frightening pace the content was clear and gave them plenty to think about.

GBE CPD Cover Waste Cost @ Kier Supply Chain Conference

GBE CPD Cover Waste Cost @ Kier Supply Chain Conference (click image to go to page)


David F Jones FCIOB FASI MRICS M-CDM-C Chartered Surveyor ~ CDM Consultant & Trainer:

Nick (of ZeroWise) and all for [organizing] an excellent event ~ well done!

SustainableRefurbishmentZeroWiseCover copy

Miki Cook, LEED® AP/Homes, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant, Sr. City of Austin Texas USA

I developed and host an education series for the last four years (fifth year 2013) the sessions themselves are always presented by “experts.”  I have suggested strategies for their discussion, we have always had a session on ‘designing for resource efficiency’.  I have a local architectural firm (3 partners) who have participated in this session.  I saw, your PowerPoint ‘Resource Efficient Design’ on Scribd, it is the best I’ve even seen on this topic I have never seen someone “hit the nail on the head” with the broad range of methods that you have addressed and I would love to use it with your permission.  Thanks for the effort you have made and for sharing.

GBE CPD Satisfied Customers

See separate feedback from University course students and Tutors

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Brian Murphy @ [avniR] 2011

Brian Murphy @ [avniR] 2011


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  • Resource Efficient Flooring for CRUK at EcoBuild 2013
  • VIBE natureplus & CAP’EM Gent Belgium 2013
  • CAP’EM Build4 EU Interreg NW European JTS visitors 2013


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