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GBE Satellite Website Jingles Task

GBE Website Jingles Tasks

Quote first

Please provide a quote first before starting, I do not know if this is doable financially.

The context

  • There is a strong possibility that GBE website will be become multiple satellite websites once a significant number (too many) pages are created.
  • The GBE website will be duplicated to make each satellite website and then each will be reduced to its specific scope by deleting the content of some pages and reconnecting the websites via these emptied pages to the corresponding full pages in another satellite website.
  • NB: I will take advice now in deciding if we aim to have many websites or sub-websites?
  • The intention is that pages in each of the sites will be able to interconnect directly with each other rather than going back to home pages of each website to re-navigate.
  • With many websites interlinking with each other, Google ranking should be respectable.
  • All relevant pages on any or all of the websites will be listed and linked in both directions.
  • To help in the users understanding of the relationship of the multiple sites and their where about between them, the intention is that each satellite website will be colour coded differently.
  • Colour coding may apply in page and post titles, sub heading titles, hyperlink text colour, banners, backgrounds, etc.
  • It is imagined that the colour coding can be set in the recipient website theme settings automatically adopt the website colour when the pages arrive.
  • It is envisaged that once the ambitions are set then colour coding can start to happen within the GBE website prior to subdivision to create the satellite websites.
  • Consistent page numbering between satellite websites (if that occurs) will help in the relinking of satellite website pages and posts.
  • This advanced colour coding in GBE website will help guide the website editors when saving the specific pages and emptying the redundant pages, in each satellite website.
  • There is a reasonable risk that some pages may appear to belong in more than one website and choosing the colours to apply may be challenging but I already have a long list of topics for each satellite website which will develop as the GBE website develops.
  • Colours: On the following pages I have suggested some colours for the various satellite websites.
  • The colours are chosen to be similar to the colour scheme of the CAPEM logo (all of an natural mineral colour range or earthly feeling) and a few outside that range but of similar tone and saturation
  • Colour psychologists may be approached to see if there is a better colour match to the primary words of the satellite titles.

Names of the websites

  • The current doctrine in development is “Profits before People before Planet”
  • Dictated by ‘Fiduciary Rules, an obligation to ‘make a profit for shareholders ….despite all else, it would seem’
  • At GBE we are Heretics, in contrast our doctrine is HERACEY™=HERASEY™
  • “Healthy Environmental Resourceful Appropriate Competent (=Safe) Effective Yardstick”.
  • Combining these 7 (8) characteristics is a good substitute for and a respectable fit with ‘Sustainable’, which most can use in conversation or quote endlessly in company policy, but rarely have a good definition or understanding.

Why Jingles?

  • It is considered that when leaving one satellite website and entering another, that in addition to a change of colouring there could be a jingle that plays on arrival, and a different jingle when entering into each of the other satellite websites.
  • It will not occur switching between pages within any one satellite website only when switching between websites.
  • Jingles should ideally also occur when entering the website for the first time.
  • External links could play the appropriate jingle on exit.
  • The duration of the jingle must be short to ensure it plays out, but might also be longer to encourage visitors to linger longer.

Video Jingles

  • I am encouraged to make videos to help users to understand the content of parts of the website and explain how things can be done or used.
  • I imagine the jingle can be a significant part of the video introduction and sign off frames.

Inspiration for the jingles?

  • The keywords for the 7 websites are to be the keywords around which the jingles are to emerge.
  • I would like a set of jingles that somehow relate to those words.
  • The logos may offer a few ideas too. (link at bottom of page)

Reference sounds: (not copying or sampling)

Kate Bush


Siouxsie and the Banshees

And many other artists

Satellite website names, keywords, meanings, logos, colours

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
12th September 2018 – 15th September 2018

GBE Website Jingles Tasks


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
15th September 2018

GBE Website Jingles Tasks
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