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New Page Naming Convention G#9832

By 2 February 2016December 29th, 2016About, Connecting, GBE Under Construction, GBE Website
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New Page Naming Convention 

Following up on comments from a potential customer about the website platform.

Taking comments on about business of pages and difficulty in navigation
I had discussions with Marketing Compass‘ Nigel Temple
We determined a new page naming convention as described below:
I have carried out the following:
I have adopted a page naming approach which is more informative and user friendly.
It relegates the G# and N# page numbers to the right of the title.
This pushes the highlighted link text title to the left
New Format:
This should also help with search engine spiders
Making it easier to read down the lists
As seen here:
Daily Updates and Additions G#1541 N#1484
I have provided a set of links in the page header straight to the popular list page:
Products • Systems • Manufacturers • Suppliers • Specifications • CPD.
I have made the assumption that these are the correct popular pages.
I have also added the relevant links to a second set of pages in the header
These are related to the individual navigation page content
This speeds up reading and choosing page links
The original longer lists (with what is included under each) remains but need only be read if required
Initially I have updated the 8 primary navigation pages with this approach
many of the listed pages have also had the same treatment.
All of the pages affected have had their SEO data updated.
I will update other Navigation pages as I visit them.
I have added Company Navigation along with the existing Manufacturers and Suppliers to the navigation hierarchy
I hope you will now find Supplier Pages more readily.
I have updated Ecological Building Systems from Concrete5 tables to WordPress4’s 3 columns and the layout is improved.
The long file name will not word-wrap so there is some bleeding of the right column which is outside of my control unless i rename or truncate the file name.
All of this should have an effect on the Google Analytics albeit small until many pages are updated.
50 done 2050 to go.
It will also be applied to every new page as they are created and every existing page at they are listed, linked to and visited to update them.
I have also set up templates to allow rapid deployment of the same approach in new Navigation pages as they are created.
Please take a look I think you should find a distinct improvement.
Please let me know.
I am pleased with the result.
I hope you are too.
During the 5 days developing and implementing this approach I have seen an improvement in the Webstats but nothing can be read into this yet.
But I will be monitoring them closely.
Fingers Crossed.
I will let you know.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
2nd February 2016

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