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GBE SP News No N Month 2017 Template
Solution Provider News

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GBE SP News No N Month 2017 Template
Solution Provider News

Hello Solution Provider

1+2 Welcome to our new look email newsletter, it contains news and updates regarding Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) website and the GBE Collaborative Services we offer to promote the essential differences that make your products or services a GBE Problem Solving Solution.

3 At Green Building Encyclopaedia, we’re constantly adding new content to our site, in order to make it more alluring to the search engines and more informative for our many readers.  In addition, continue to ‘join everything up’ so that we can provide more value to our users.  Here is a quick update for GBE Solution Providers, covering our work during December and January.

Kind Regards
BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
T    01733 238148

GBE Solution Provider News No N Month 2017

3 Link to previous Newsletters list page

2 Recent Newsletters:

Further development of Manufacturer, Suppliers, page templates (Installers next)
The old style 3 column pages meant a lot of scrolling in some cases so we are replacing it with….

Up to 18 unique tabs at your finger tips: allowing you to choose which tabs to adopt, according to your budget:

Your company images Images of company logo, endorsements, accolades, etc.
About the company About your company, contact details and its environmental credentials
Incubator What GBE likes about a company before including
COMPASS COMPany Assessment Screening System Company strengths and improvements
Manufacturers Downloads PDF etc. files: Literature, Certificates, Tests, Method Statements, Specifications, etc.
Company Data Sheet Additional company data
Products, Accessories Systems Lists Linking to complimentary parts Pages
Products, Accessories Systems Matrix Showing which parts are used to make up systems
Application Elemental Assemblies Showing applicable applications
Manufacturer, Suppliers, Installers Linking to complimentary parties’ pages
Echo Confirmation of manufacturer’s self-declaration of environmental claims
LCA & EPD Links to Certificates
Maps Location of company
Media Links Media links to additional information, e.g. video, eBooks, etc.


3 Further development of tabbed page templates for Products, Accessories and Systems

With up to 30 tabs each containing different information: each company chooses which to adopt to suits its budget

Images of the subject of the page Images of company logo, products, labels, literature, etc.
About the subject of the page What is its purpose as a product, accessory or system
Incubator What GBE likes/dislike about a product before including
Product Accessory System Screening Detailed strengths and weaknesses of a product compared with an average product in same group
HERACEY® Is it Healthy, Environmental, Resourceful, Appropriate, Competent, Effective and does it meet GBE Yardstick?
Manufacturers Downloads PDF etc. files: Literature, Certificates, Tests, Method Statements, Specifications, etc.
Material/Product/Accessory Data Sheet Material/Product properties, standards, performance, etc.
BIM/CAD Model file CAD files with or without BIM data
BIM Product/Accessory/System Data Sheet Data including LCA/EPD data if available
COBie Spreadsheet Facilities Management information for BIM models
Products/Accessory/System Specification clause(s) Robust for inclusion in NBS based project specification
System/Sub-system Application Data Sheet Application data, limitations, codes, Agrément certificates
Products, Accessories Systems Linking to complimentary parts Pages
Elemental Assemblies Compatible Assemblies of parts
Elemental Sub-Assemblies Specification Robustly linking the product specifications together
Workmanship Specification Robustly describing the installation requirements
Waste Specification To help with Site Waste Management Plan entries
FM Spec in-use maintenance specification For COBie or FM Operation & Maintenance Manuals
End of Life Options Best practice deconstruction for reclaim and reuse or recycling for a circular economy
Product/Accessory/System Passport Schedules of information on reclaimed materials to enable competent reuse
See Also Links to/from Encyclopaedia’s Jargon Busters, Checklists, etc.
Echo Confirmation of manufacturer’s self-declaration of environmental claim(s)
Life Cycle Assessment & Environmental Product Declaration Links to applicable Certificates for components or products
Classify Assigning CI/SfB, CAWS, Uniclass classification to products for literature identification for Technical Libraries/CAD layering
Manufacturer, Suppliers, Installers Linking to complimentary parties’ pages
Finish, colour, pattern, texture swatch Illustrating options available
Links Media links to additional information, e.g. video, eBooks, etc.

3 We have also been developing a GBE Product Data Collection spreadsheet to automatically populate schedules for many of the tabbed pages: Product Data Sheets, Application Data Sheet, Product, Accessory, System and Workmanship Specifications, BIM Product Data Sheet, COBie Spreadsheets, FMSpec, Product Passport, SWMP entries, etc.

GBE Features GBE Benefits
Popular pages reestablished and linked from home page:

Daily Updates & Additions January, Diary 2016 Q1

Future Events 2016, GBE In-House CPD, Newsletters, Content List, 255 Page Groups, Site Navigation

Easy for users to check what’s been added since their last visit, including new company and product pages, templates, news and a whole lot more.
Adding testimonial quotes on navigation pages. To give users confidence that GBE is competent.
Responding to a GBE user’s email questions with more answers in GBE Q&A Creating links to Company and Product Pages.

Responding allows GBE to find out what users know, how they think and what they need and want.

Making pages more user friendly and joined up. To enhance the user experience of the site.

2 GBE Website: Features and Benefits

  • Reintroduced GBE Daily Update & New PagesDiaryFuture Events: providing easy links into all new, updated pages and relevant events.
  • Continuing to develop GBE Navigation pages: Helping users to find their way around
  • Building ‘joined-up’ GBE Tabbed page templates for manufacturerproducts and accessories, accommodating types of information at users fingertips without scrolling down.
  • Developing GBE Product Data Collection spreadsheet to seed the tabbed pages, generating Schedules, for Product Pages, Specifications, BIM, Product Data Sheets, COBie, FMSpec, Product Passport, etc.
  • Created GBE Issue Paper Templates with links to Solution Providers: Users find products that solve problems.
  • Updated the Overheating Issue Paper to version 11 on website with image of paper and on posts on Social media: Brings LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook contacts to GBE website.
  • Posting images in GBE pages onto Pinterest: Clicking the image in Pinterest takes you back to the GBE pages for more information.
  • Responding to a GBE User’s email questions with answers in GBE Q&A Responding to requirements allows GBE to find out what Users know, how they think and what they want and need.
  • Actively promoting GBE CPD to membership groups, CPD providers and Practices: creating promotional opportunities for GBE website.
  • Uploaded 2500 image files to GBE Media Library to start reconnecting and adding to CPD and Specification Files: So there is more content to attract and keep Users on the site.


2 Each page with an picture, logo or image gets the image and a link back to the page posted on Pinterest.

GBE Pinterest GBE

2 Wider promotion:


2 Out and about promoting GBE:

  • Attended UK Build Show at NEC to meet manufacturers and suppliers. See GBE Newsletter No.1 October 2015 for 10 interesting things I saw there.
  • Sign up for future editions with 10 more interesting things.
  • Spoke at The Green Register of Construction Professionals (TGR) 15 years celebrations in Bristol & London.
  • Spoke at CIOB East Midlands event Zero Carbon is it possible? 1st December


2 Lining up future promotional opportunities: December 2015

  • Attending KTN Horizon 2020 meeting to look for more Bio-based project opportunities.
  • CAPEM Team meeting in Lille and Loos en Gohelle to determine the future of CAPEM LCA services and Compass LCA Tool.

2 Next actions:

  • Started Mailchimp campaigns to get sign up to GBE website and newsletter:
  • Architects, Students, Local Authorities, Government Departments, Housing, Membership Groups and CPD Providers, etc.
  • Preparing a campaign to magazine and newsletter editors about GBE

3 Link to previous Newsletters list page

2 GBE Solution Providers: (Manufacturers and Suppliers)

GBE would like to hear from you if you solutions Solutions for Overheating Problems and would like them to be exposed to GBE’s user traffic.

2 Providers of healthy, environmental, resourceful, appropriate, competent, effective solutions, unrelated to overheating, are invited too.

3 Providers of healthy, environmental, resourceful, appropriate, competent, effective solutions are invited to become GBE Solution Providers:

We offer GBE Solution Providers Pages for companies and products and have standard, enhanced and premium pricing bands for ready made complimentary services and bespoke pricing for any preferred combination of services: See the following links for more information and budget calculator

GBE Collaborator Service Band Options & Prices

GBE Collaborator Excel bespoke budget calculator

Talk to BrianSpecMan about becoming a member or advertiser on GBE

To find out more / discuss pricing, either email or call Brian on
+44 (0)1733 238148 / +44 (0)7973 281024 (UK GMT 09:00-18:00)           (0044) 01733 238148          (0044) 07973 281024           (UK GMT 09:00-18:00)

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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
23rd December 2015 – 16th January 2017

GBE SP News No. N Month 2017
Solution Provider News
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