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GBE 2014 Q4 (News) G#1462 N#1426

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GBE 2014 Q4 News

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GBE 2014 Q4 News

Oct 2014

Life Logo Colour png
1-17: ‘Build4LIFE’ EU LIFE funding Bid
CAPEM team bidding for an opportunity to keep on developing CAPEM and CAPEM Compass and its considerable capacity to make a difference to environmental design and specification choices.
2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

ASBP Logo.png
1: ASBP event Building Centre London

7: Open EcoHomes Cambridge
19:30-21:30 Cambridge Carbon Footprint seminar
Internal solid wall insulation
BrianSpecMan and others presenting

Timber Expo Logo 2014 png

7-8: Timber Expo NEC Birmingham
BrianSpecMan attended 8th
Reconnected with Sarah Farmer ex LSBU Student
Timber Specailist with English Woodlands Timber Ltd.
Aiming to recruit Sarah as a Member of the NGS team

Peterborough B2B 2014 log png
22: Peterborough B2B Expo 2014
BrianSpecMan attended, lots of elevator pitches, in depth interrogation, rationalising of thoughts
Best ever exhibition experience Ive had, usually I just go to learn, this time I wanted to engage services.
Funding, website developers, Training, Social media, Marketing, Video making for Crowd Funding, Exhibition display equipment, printing
Follow up meetings:
Grants for Growth: Digital Funding
SME Heroes Video Marketing and Web development
Geek Design: NGS3DVIEW
SME Heroes logo png

avnir Conference logo 2014 EN png
23-28: [avniR] CAPEM presentation for 6th November
Developing Draft with Els van de Mortal, VIBE Belgium
2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

26-31: Grants 4 Growth & Destination Digital
Writing up future project ambitions and ITC requirements for a meeting with Grant4Growth and Destination Digital consultants.

EcoChoice Logo png
28: Met with Mark Bekin of EcoChoice Ltd.
Hardwood Importer Supplier
Ambition to increase involvement with NGS
Manufacturer Page exists,
Potentially write about timber supply
Discuss specification issues
Case Studies
Exploring Innovative Products to promote
Wants to promote laminated timber & CLTP
Interested in a Carbon Calculator App
NGS Logo png

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th April 2014 – 19th December 2014

GBE 2014 Q4 News

Nov 2014

logo avnir 2014 EN png

1-4: [avniR] LCA Conference Lille France (5th-6th Nov.)

Finalising Main Conference Paper:

  • CAPEM & Compass

Preparing CAPEM Sub-Conference Paper:

  • Policies > Practices
5-6: [avniR] LCA Conference Lille France

NGS Logo png
6-11: NGS 3D VIEW TO GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia
Preparation of sample Hierarchies and Page Lists
Meeting with potential GUI developer
Showing potential 3D Building Model

NGS Logo png
6-12: NGS 3D VIEW & GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia
Planning about Storyboard and Script
Interview with SME Heroes: Video producers and Marketing Company
Planning January activities, aiming to be At EcoBuild 2015
SME Heroes logo png

NGS Logo png
7-12: NGS 3D VIEW & GBE Powerpoint
Preparing for TGR BiteSize CPD in London


13: The One and Only National Green Specification – an Encyclopaedia of Information for Construction Professionals

Brian Murphy, Green Register core trainer, founder and developer of the National Green Specification is creating a new website: The Encyclopaedia of Green Construction that is uniquely structured to perform like the neural networks of a human brain.  

Brian is seeking funding from the Technology Strategy Board to carry out R&D ‘Smart Funding’ market research for development of a new interface application that interrogates the Encyclopaedia as the user interacts with a 3D building model.

This bite-size session will be a chance to discover the scope of the Encyclopaedia, experience the novel structure and influence the 3D development.

NGS Logo png

14: TGR Steering Group Meeing Bristol


14: NGS & Project Logistics Meeting

SME Heroes logo png

16: SME Heroes
Response to Marketing Questionnaire
Planning Crowd Funding Video & campaign

Stacey Waring png

17: Bats and BRMs Steering group
Stacey Waring’s project comes to an end and steering group decide to support ongoing research ambitions

Structura white logo 300 png

18: Structura UK Ltd. NGS Robust Specification
Kalwall Translucent Curtain Walling specification kickoff meeting
Created manufacturer page and system page for Kalwall

19: Kalwall Robust Specification started


20-21: Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board)
Horizon 20:20 networking exercise
Met Dr Jerry Harrall again and discussed collaboration
on development of Greening The Box (GTB)

2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

21-23: CAPEM Newsletter proofreadings

23-28: Greening The Box (GTB)
Developing the proposal by DrH brainstorm on paper
Opportunities for expansion including book, website, tools
Integration with reinforcement by NGS GBE

NGS Logo only png

23: NGS Corporate Image brief for meeting 28th

24: Greening the Box meeting Dr Jerry Harrall

24: CAPEM after Interreg conference call

NGS Logo png

24: NGS website first page created 2 years ago

Kier Logo

26: Kier Construction Green Purchasing Specification
Have worked with Peter Johnson the Group Environmental Director
Have also worked with Kevan Japps (ex Laing Homes) Procurement Departent
Meeting to discuss Green Specification.

28-29: Greening The Box (GTB) meeting with Dr Jerry Harrall
Write up meeting notes into:
Greening the Box: Proposal
Greening the Box: Follow up actions
Greening the Box: Book Chapters & Scope

NGS Logo png
28: NGS Corporate image meeting i3Media
And presented Greening The Box

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th April 2014 – 19th December 2014

GBE 2014 Q4 News

Dec 2014

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

2: Dr Deborah Andrews Product Design Course leader LSBU
Meeting to discuss potential Interreg Funded Project


Peterborough Logo png

3: Peterborough Bond Holder Breakfast
121 Grants meetings for NGS development

Ska EAM Logo png

3: Ska Higher Education
Environmental Assessment Scheme development
Workshop 2: Materials, Waste & Wellbeing

4: Greater Cambridgeshire Greater Peterborough LEP Local Enterprise Partnership
EU Grant promotion meeting and workshops
Interreg 2 Seas or Channel discussions

Structura white logo 300 png

5: Kalwall Specification A00 first draft completion and issue for comment

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

8: Paula MacLachlan Interreg UK National Contact Point, Dr Deborah Andrews Product Design Course leader LSBU &
Michael Thompson Business Development Manager LSBU.  Meeting to discuss potential Interreg Funded Projects.


Structura white logo 300 png

9: Structura UK Ltd.
First H11 Kalwall Specification Draft review

10: Greening the Box meeting in Peterborough

AECB network logo jpg

10: AECB East of England CPD event Cambridge
SmartLIFE low carbon centre, everybody invited
Making your website a custoner magnet.
Nigel Temple speaker, Excellent stuff


Followeed up by asking the speaker to advise on NGS Marketing and proposed website developments
Updated NGS Marketing document and submitted file.

NGS Logo png

The Marketing Compass logo png

Ska EAM Logo png

11: Ska TC meeting London

Structura white logo 300 png

12-19: Structura UK Ltd.
Edited spec following review meeting
Original spec based on NBS H10 shift to NBS H11 and reset clauses numbers and cross referencing
Rationalise spec content
Editing specification and splitting clauses from guidance notes into two files

Ska EAM Logo png

15: Ska Higher Education
Environmental Assessment Scheme development
Workshop 3: Transport, Project Delivery, Ranking
Follow up on Construction Consolidation Centres

15: NGS Website 3D VIEW Database
Submit Brief, Specifications and Diagrams to Marketing/Website developers

NGS Logo png

17: NGS Funding updating list of ambitions, activities and kit required for meeting with local Grant funds administrator
Adding ideas prompted by Marketing Compass

18: Naylor Clay Pipe manufacturer & Smart Sponge Supplier meeting with ‘Mr Barry ‘Smart Sponge’ Marshall
Follow up:
request factory visit to check green credentials in January
suggest exhibitions to promote at
Promoted Marketing Compass for website development
Images of below ground exhibition displays for showroom

22: Meeting CGCP LEP grant fund manager Paul Borgeois

NGS Logo png

23: Greening the Box
i3Media Marketing and website discussions

23-24: VAT Accounts

30: Cash Flow Forcast
CAPEM monies and NGS ambitions and Grant Potential

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th April 2014 – 3rd January 2015

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