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GBE Whole Building EE EC SC Calculator updated G#1908 N#1763 06/05/2015

GBE Whole Building EE + EC + SC Calculator

GBE Whole Building EE EC SC Calculator png

Developed the Whole Building Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon & Sequestered Carbon calculator 03-06/05/2015

  • Its a tool to get an idea of the properties of a building as you are designing it.
  • You can substitute materials to see the effect that will have on the totals.
  • Developed for RIBA Part 2 students for projects but might be useful in practice too.
  • Do let us have feedback if you find any errors and we will update the files.
  • Click the image above to download the file.
  • A student solved a VLOOKUP function that I struggled with and now its even better
  • Just had a response from a user wanting to contribute LCA data
  • I want to turn this calculator into an Whole Building LCA Calculator
  • So when I have a weekend spare I will do it!
  • Watch this space

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4th May 2015 – 12th October 2016

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