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In House CPD invitation by David Morley Architects G#2292

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In House CPD invitation by David Morley Architects

  • Quite a few years back you kindly came into our office here at David Morley Architects and presented one our most interesting and memorable CPD sessions.
  • I am still involved with the coordination of CPD, working with the team copied into this e-mail and would very much like to invite you back to present again at one of our weekly Thursday lunchtime sessions.

Chris Roberts

Hi Chris

  • It was only 9 years ago.
  • I do remember it and I am very grateful to hear such positive feedback after such a long time.
  • I would like to quote you (with your permission) on my new website to encourage more opportunities to speak.
  • I may have spoken then about NGS National Green Specification and GreenSpec website.
  • Today I have left GreenSpec to the site editor to do his own thing.
  • Since 2012 I have been developing Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) website.
  • This site has been live as NGS website for 2 years (1.76m page views of 1810 pages)
  • And is now being rebuilt as it is visible on the internet but not launched to the scrutiny of Google yet.
  • I hope to launch it next month but more work to do on it yet.
  • I would be very happy to talk to your audience about some very exciting GBE ambitions.
  • I have recently been writing a paper about Overheating Problems and Solutions (70 pages) which I can mention.

Dates I can offer at the moment.

  • August 31-4 Sept
  • Sept 7-9, 11, 14-16, 18, 21-23, 25, 28-30.
  • Oct 2, 12-16, 19-21, 23, 26-30.
  • I anticipate 1 or 2 days per week at LSB University starting September but await confirmation and dates.

I do hope this happens, I am really looking forward to it.


BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy

  • It’s all about good timing! I always remember you saying that specification ‘is the design process’ …
  • This is something I’m keen to emphasise in the session which will be the first of what we are planning to be a specification focused season of CPD’s over the next 2-3 months.
  • We are generally looking to train the office about the use of and importance of getting the specification right.
  • It’s NBS Building we use.
  • We might be looking at NBS Create going forwards so it would be interesting if you are able to touch on that.
  • I’ve a feeling that we might be inviting you along more than once over the next few months as there’s only so much you can cover in an hour.


Here is a list of Specification Topics ready made PowerPoint files to consider

GBE Specification CPD, Workshops, Training & Coaching
Make up your own day Choose your subjectsYes or No Time
BIM from a Specifiers Perspective 00:45:00
Specification and Liability
(prepared for RIBA Part 3 at UWE Bristol)
Specification: What is it? 00:45:00
Specification: back to basics 00:45:00
Specification: Approaches 00:45:00
Specification: Issues 00:45:00
Specification: Barriers to Green 00:45:00
Specification: Myths exploded 00:20:00
Specification: Clause Content 00:45:00
Performance Vs Prescriptive Specification 00:45:00
Performance Specification: Curtain Walling,
Word file and 35 mm. slides
Performance Specification: Roofing,
Word file and 35 mm. slides
Performance Specification: Cladding,
Word file and 35 mm. slides
Specification: Practice 00:45:00
Specification: OGC Office of Government Commerce & GPP Green Public Procurement 00:15:00
Specification: Outline Specification 00:45:00
Specification: Problems and Solutions 00:45:00
Specification: Specilalist Consultants 00:45:00
Specification: Specify It 00:45:00
Specification: Sustainable Construction Problems & Choices 00:45:00
Specification Susbstitution 00:45:00
CPI Co-ordinated Project Information Specification and Drawings 00:45:00
How NBS Building works and how it can work for you 00:45:00
NBS & CAWS Next Generation (2012 proposals for NBS Create) 00:45:00
Specification Responsibilities with different procurement methods 00:45:00
Specification: Projects and Packages 00:45:00
Specification: Employer’s Requirements 00:45:00
Specification: EU Procurement Rules 00:45:00
Specification Strategy 00:45:00
Specification Development RIBA Stages 0-8 00:45:00
Specification Development In the Office 00:45:00
Specification Development 9 Scenarios 00:45:00
GBE ambitions 00:45:00
GBE A90 Performance Specification 00:45:00
GBE A94 Airtightness Testing 00:45:00
GBE A38 Construction Waste Minimisation 00:45:00
GBE A38-Q29 Waste Minimisation 00:45:00
GBE A39 Packaging Waste 00:45:00
GBE C13 Building Fabric Surveys/Pre-demolition Audits 00:45:00
GBE C20 Resource Recovery Deconstruction/Demolition 00:45:00
GBE C91 Alteration Resource Recovery/Waste minimisation 00:45:00
GBE D20 Excavation/Filling waste minimisation 00:45:00
GBE F23 Hedge bank Walling 00:45:00
GBE G21 Load-bearing Timber blockwork 00:45:00
GBE P14 Air/Wind Tightness Systems 00:45:00
GBE Q37 Green Roofs 00:45:00
GBE Q29 Landscape Waste minimisation 00:45:00
GBE W21 Projection 00:45:00
GBE Z10 Definitive timber specification 00:45:00
Communicating with and Specification sales to Architects (Presented to manufacturers) 00:45:00
Specification is Design (SDF) 00:45:00
Training & Coaching
NBS Building: Introduction Context Theory and Practice 04:00:00
NBS Building: Training secretaries to input from drafts 02:00:00
NBS Building: Office Template Specification Development 00:45:00
Specification Writing Approaches 02:00:00
NBS Building: Projects and Packages

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
1st September 2015 – 14th August 2016

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