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NGS pages have arrived as GBE Posts in Blogs G#2197

By 25 August 2015July 8th, 20162015, Archive, Blog, News

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NGS pages have arrived as GBE Posts in Blogs

1776 pages from NGS website have been imported into GBE website and arrive as Posts in the Blog collection.

In the mean time the Search function on the menu bar will have more to do than normal.

They arrive with historic embedded formatting which is not entirely compatible with WordPress, tablets and mobiles.

Some pages will need to be recreating in the WordPress environment, others will just need some tidying.

Most of the Posts need converting to Pages and Blogs and News will stay as Posts.

Most content refers to NGS which will be updated to GBE over time

I have created many Categories in site map hierarchy order.

Once the Categories have been assigned to the new Posts or Pages then this effectively creates the site map of GBE.

Assigning of categories is  everyday’s primary task.

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25th August 2015 – 8th July 2016

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