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Primitive Materials Future Building Offsite Manufacture (OSM) G#16467

Farmer Review 2016 Modernise Or Die Cover

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Primitive Materials Future Building Offsite Manufacture OSM

Primitive Materials Future Building Offsite Manufacture OSM

Modern Methods of Construction Market demand

Autumn Budget 2017

  • £15.3bn of new funding to boost housing delivery
  • £44bn total investment over five years
  • But developer 30% profit demand regulates supply
    • Government financial injections boosts the profits and salaries of directors
    • Does little to help housing crisis
  • Attempts to regulate ‘foreign investment ownership’ and ‘buy to keep empty’
    • Offshore tax havens may get better regulated
    • Dirty money will continue to buy London property
  • UK government will prioritise use of offsite manufacturing (OSM) and other modern methods of construction (MMC) to improve:
    • Cost effectiveness – Productivity – Speed of construction delivery
  • No mention of (and therefore a presumption of expectation):
    • Climate Change (nothing new then)
    • Energy Performance (comply with Building Regulations)
    • Competency of methods and materials (ditto)
    • Skills gap (MMC is not on CITB skills priorities)
    • Brexit exodus
      • 214,000 EU construction workers UK wide
      • 95,000 (1/4 of total) in London alone
  • Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast
    • government-commissioned construction review ‘Modernise or Die’
    • Strong advocate of offsite manufacturing
  • Building on progress made to date, Government Departments will adopt a presumption in favour of offsite construction by 2019 across suitable capital programmes, where it represents best value for money
  • Government Departments:
    • Department for Transport
      • Infrastructure
    • Department of Health
      • Hospitals & Healthcare
    • Department for Education
      • Schools and Universities (Investment on building not education again?)
    • Ministry of Justice
      • Prisons (reduce overcrowding) and Police Stations (empty?)
    • Ministry of Defense
      • Not sure what they are building (probably secret, more nuclear subs)
    • How do MMC and PFI/PPE fit together?
      • Results in the tax payer paying more
      • MMC manufacturers making more
      • PFI contractors making more profit
  • MMC is commonly depicted by:
    • Prefabrication of panels, modules, pods
    • Craning whole parts into place
    • Thin lightweight construction
      • Industry will ‘Modernise or Die’
      • Occupants will ‘Modernize and Die’ from overheating
  • UK House builders Gearing up for MMC
    • Citu in Leeds > 750 Low carbon LTF homes/year, > £50m/year
    • Barkeley targets 10-15% of its output short to medium term
    • Taylor Winpey Future proofing its business
    • Persimmon: Space4: 40% of its houses timber frame
  • Finance Sector to manufacturer and become landlords
    • L&G: ambition to become world greatest creator of modular homes
    • PGGM: 3000 apartments across UK £600m build to rent
  • Chinese National Building Materials Company
    • £2.75 bn UK Joint adventure: 6 factories > 25,000 homes by 2020 with renewable energy
  • An opportunity to exploit
    • Petrochemicals in thin construction is seen as the only way to meet U value requirements
    • Aerogels are currently too expensive to replace plastics but would be thinner
    • VIP would be thinner still but have no decrement delay properties (will overheat)
    • Plastic insulations have no decrement delay properties and will help to overheat the property
    • 20% of housing already overheats. Zero Carbon Hub (ZCH)
    • MMC insulated with VIP or Plastic will overheat
    • MMC will overheat
    • The rush for MMC will lead to more and higher % of housing overheating
    • IMC may offer solutions:
    • Bio-based insulations have decrement delay properties and can protect from overheating
    • Bio-based insulation can be combined with aerogel insulation to reduce thicknesses
  • London mayor announced use of small sites around London to be encouraged
    • The smallest sites will need bespoke designs
    • MMC Modular may not have a role to play
    • MMC Panelized can fit into this scenario

Primitive Materials Barrier Opportunities

  • Evidence Based Design is expected more and more
  • Understanding their properties
    • Some properties not understood and never exploited
      • (1979 AJ Energy Series: articles tried, but long forgotten)
    • Sometimes missing in conventional materials
      • (E.g. Decrement Factor)
    • Sometimes unique to bio-based materials
      • (E.g. Hygroscopicity)
    • Sometimes unique combinations of properties
      • (Radiation and Conductivity Thermal Resistance & Acoustic)
  • Exploiting properties that do not exist in conventional materials or conventional know-how
    • Learning the physics of building
    • Exploiting the science of materials
    • Testing materials and/or collecting datasets
    • Developing the calculators to crunch the numbers
    • Making literature intelligent and useful to designers/specifiers
    • Educate them so they can adopt and educate others
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Dissemination
      • TGR, AECB, UKGBC, ASBP, PHT are all helping with seminars
      • But not enough authoritative documents
    • Image driven dissemination is essential
      • Architects won’t read without a cartoon, picture, diagram or table to help
      • Paragraph per picture,
      • Picture per paragraph
    • Convincing Development Control
      • Building Regulations
        • Approved Documents
          • Tertiary Documents
            • Authoritative Organisations and their Publications
            • More need to be written and published
            • Engage with those unique properties
            • ZCH failed
            • Others need to step up

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
1st December 2017 – 27th December 2017

Primitive Materials Future Building Offsite Manufacture OSM

Farmer Review 2016 Modernise Or Die Cover

Farmer Review 2016 Modernise Or Die Cover

Farmer Review Modernise or Die 2016 PDF

©GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
1st December 2017 – 27th December 2017

Primitive Materials Future Building Offsite Manufacture OSM
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©GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
26th December 2017

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