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ACQ5 2020 (Award) G#36928

By 26 February 2020May 25th, 20212020, About, Accolade, Awards, Awards, Blog, Current, GBE Website, News
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ACQ5 2020 Award

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ACQ5 Awards 2020

The United Kingdom –

Best Practice Operator of the Year (Environmental Consultancy)

Brian Murphy

National Green Specification Ltd.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented

Solutions and performances.

The oldest and largest program of its kind in the corporate marketplace

Regionally advertised on internationally recognised 3rd party digital media platforms including;

Time, bloomberg business, cnn, yahoo news, the sunday times, naver, fox news, india times

Renowned globally for its recognition and presentation of leading professionals for promoting mentorship and professional development amongst the continued & emerging leaders of our industry

You will already be familiar with acq5, the leading corporate news magazine that has been serving the sector since 2003, acq5 provides a global audience of over 261,000+ subscribers with the information behind the headlines. About us

2020 was an incredibly tough year, as the covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. The difficult operating environment makes this year’s winners in our global awards program even more deserving of the coveted trophy. Not only have businesses successfully managed the pressures of running their operations remotely, but have also taken care of their customers and staff, responding rapidly to their needs and stepping up support in these demanding times.

What is clear from the thousands of entries we have received this year is that the investments which businesses have been making in their digital transformation efforts have truly paid off and will continue to reap rewards in the years to come, in terms of lowering the cost to serve, improving customer experience and driving the inclusion agenda.

Apologies if you are not the correct recipient for this announcement. If you can pass this to a colleague who can assist, we would be most grateful. If you can assist, please take a few minutes out of your schedule to respond to this notification by return mail.

Having assessed the votes that have been cast by your industry peers, you are a gamechangers (acq5) global awards 2021 category winner!

We are pleased to confirm the category win (plus potential others) as

Uk – gamechanger of the year, brian murphy, national green specification ltd.

Receiving the highest number of nominations in the indicated category.

Please remember that there is a strict embargo on making external announcements concerning your award win until acq5 permits.

Over the last 18 years, gamechangers (acq5) has firmly established itself as an industry standard for the corporate community. With an 5% rise in subscriber numbers in q4 of 2020, gamechangers (acq5) can still boast a market leading audience of senior executives, providing them with a regular snapshot of industry activity that has taken place around the world.

Since inception, the gamechangers (acq5) global awards have been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual program, taking the ultimate step in the search for the most outstanding organisations & professionals across the globe and celebrate the best in achievement, ability and performance.

Judged on their ability to deliver outstanding returns and to gain strategic advantage, winners will reap huge benefits in terms of market visibility and position.

We boast a legitimately independent nomination process, most importantly, our award winners, are chosen by the industry itself.

Every year, we seek their assistance in recognising industry leaders, eminent individuals, exemplary teams and distinguished firms, which we believe represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in a variety of fields – and every year, we turn to our readers to help as we strive to recognise an ever-widening spectrum of services, markets, industries and organisations.

Gamechangers (acq5) global awards’ objective: to gather quantitative and qualitative information from and about the sector to be able to give a set of “best of” awards. We founded the gamechangers (acq5) global awards program to empower end users to make smarter, more confident business decisions.

One of the industry’s favourite awards events was right to anticipate another record-breaking number of votes! We gave the categories to over 261,000 of your industry peers.

Voting (initially) closed at midday (gmt+1), friday 22nd of january 2021. The total number of nominations received stood at an amazing 88,471 nominations.

Due to the impact of the covid19 outbreak, it was decided to extend the voting period by a further month to allow for additional nominations which could reflect the skills, services and continued flexibility of the global professional community in unprecedented times.

The result of this action was quite remarkable. An additional 24,241 votes were cast and some outstanding stories told.

Guided by the poll’s results those firms and individuals that have had the greatest impact on the industry during the previous calendar year are duly honoured. In judging these awards, we have studied the nominations made by our voters and recognise that all of those nominated are leaders in their fields but the exceptional performances of some deserve recognition.

**the poll was not only designed to reflect actual performance in any particular area of expertise, it was also aimed to reflect direct market share based on a number of criteria and voters were encouraged to base their decisions on addressing professionalism: experience, value for money & responsiveness in order for acq5 to derive a numerical rating from 1 – 5. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how professionals view any practice, individual or related sector supplier in terms of overall quality of service.

Only nominees receiving an average 4-star rating or above achieved a short-list status.

Full voting criteria and methodology can be viewed here

For now, all that remains is to thank our impressive line-up of winners whose contribution is invaluable to the success of the program.

So, take a few minutes out of your schedule to respond to this notification and acknowledge your category win in the gamechangers (acq5) global awards 2021.

You are among illustrious company. The full list of category winners will appear in the special commemorative digital publication.

There are opportunities for category winners to carry elevated brand exposure as well as order commemorative trophies and wall plaques. These opportunities, detailed below, will allow open discussion and promote award winning skills and services that have contributed to this accolade.

A clear understanding of how each option translates can be understood by viewing the gamechangers (acq5) global awards 2020 publication here

(gamechangers™ magazine is a network for today’s most influential organisations and individuals. We offer insight into every facet of leaders’ professional lives by telling their stories – from department structure and team management to intellectual property and emerging technology. With engaging editorial, we bring local and global innovators across industries together to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect)

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
26th February 2020 – 25th May 2021


Awarding Body

ACQ5 Logo

ACQ5 Awards 2020 Logo

Award Category

Best Practice Operator of the Year (Environmental Consultancy)


Brian Murphy of National Green Specification Ltd.

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
26th February 2020

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
26th February 2020 – 25th May 2021

ACQ5 2020 Award G#36928 End.

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