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LSI RISE 2021 (Award) G#39789

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GBC LSI RISE Award 2021 Total V2 A16 BRM 210621 PNG

LSI RISE 2021 Award

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LSI RISE Awards 2021
Leeds Sustainability Institute
Research Innovation Sustainability
Category: 10 Education & Training
Highly Commended
Green Building Calculator Version 2

Submission Posters: See Right column

Thank you very much to our hosts at Green Vision and the Centre for Knowledge Exchange at Leeds Beckett University.

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Awards Competition Invitation


Category Descriptions Entry Requirements Examples
1 Field and Laboratory Research Entries could include Whole Building Performance, Domestic (New Build and Retrofit), Commercial, Industrial and Non-Domestic (New Build and Retrofit), Engineered and System Build, Advanced Buildings and Structures, Passive, Net Zero and Energy Plus Developments, Building Services and Energy Management Systems.

Entries could also include Product Research Design and Development.

2 Design, Innovation and Creativity Entries could include Domestic/ Commercial/ Industrial Buildings, Creative and Innovative Facades, Building Products, Engineered Solutions and Products, Advanced/ Affordable Building Designs. Please also consider Carbon offsetting schemes, Biodiversity Net Gain
3 New Technologies and Building Materials Entries could include Innovative use of Digital Technologies (Building Information Modelling, Simulation, Visualisation, Laser Scanning, etc.), Green Energy Efficient Information and Communication Technology, Building Systems and Controls, Energy Analytics and Big Data, Advanced and Responsive Materials, Energy Monitoring.
4 (submitted) Sustainable Developments Entries could include Energy and Resource Efficiency, Building Performance, Renewables, Energy Generation, Services and Building Systems, Building Materials and Processes, Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass, Geothermal and Energy nature-based solutions, capacity building for water resource management, whole building Net Zero analysis
5 Heritage Award for Restoration/ Retrofit Entries could include Restoration, Heritage Construction and Traditional Building Methods, Energy Efficiency, Planning for Whole-Life Sustainability.
6 Behavioural Change The judges are looking for change that creates a positive impact on the use of energy. Entries sought from initiatives aligned with: Positive Energy Behaviour Change, SocioTechnology for Energy Efficiency, Processes for Energy Efficiency, Social Models, Structures and Developments for Energy Efficiency.
7 Social Value The winner will be the organisation that best demonstrates its ability to bring value and benefit to society.
8 Enterprise The winner will be the project that best demonstrates a commitment to embedding enterprise, knowledge and understanding in the field.
9 Collaborative Working The winner will be the project that best demonstrates teamwork through early involvement of stakeholders, cross team collaboration, strong communication (and tools used where applicable, e.g. BIM) and full team integration.
10 (Awarded) Education and Training The winner will be the organisation committed to and implementing education and training that underpins the development of knowledge and skills equipping the workforce and society for the future.
11 Fire and Safety Never before has the integrity of our buildings and their ability to withstand the impact of fire, explosions and resist the passage of smoke been so important. Products, processes and systems that contribute to more sustainable, resilient and safe buildings, both for retrofit and new build are sought. Innovative, new or existing products that demonstrate proven performance and restore confidence are essential. Equally, systems that ensure evacuation to a place of safety for all occupants is something that is supported and required.
12 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Though constant efforts are made to improve standards, our industry remains one of the most dangerous in which to work. Processes and systems that improve health and safety are sought as well as innovation that enhances the quality of life of the construction worker. Where new ground has been broken with regard to the health and safety of the construction worker and professionals, evidence of this will be rewarded.
13 Asset Management Applications are invited that demonstrate: excellence in the management of estates, buildings, plant and infrastructure. Consideration is given to innovation, vision, action, development and demonstration of excellence. Examples of where assets are more reliable, responsive, predictable and sustainable are encouraged.
14 Civil Engineering The award recognising outstanding contribution to civil engineering, infrastructure and its impact on the field, society and beyond. The following can be considered independently and together to achieve success in the field: accomplishment beyond current practice, development, innovation, research, training, resilience and dedication are all recognised.
15 Building Consultancy and Surveying The category recognises, excellence in consultancy or the practice of surveying. The award honours the diverse and comprehensive range of services provided and achievements that contribute to a developing and successful built environment. The quality of services that enable buildings, assets and infrastructure to achieve value and sustainability credentials are considered and recognised by the award. The award is dedicated to the front of field service that benefits the professions and society.
16 Knowledge Transfer and Apprenticeships: Outstanding contribution to the future Applications are encouraged for knowledge transfer partnerships, degree apprenticeships, partnerships with education and training providers, in-company training and education scheme. Organisations are recognised for the investment in developing the next generation of professionals. Industry and education partnerships, in-company and in-service training and education are recognised for taking the industry and next generations forward and beyond what we have achieved. Excellence in practice, innovation that maximising learning potential are considered.
17 Digital Innovation Recognising technology and processes that are transforming the way assets are constructed and managed. The category considers work and processes that are exceptional in innovation, revolutionising the way we operate and manage.
18 Contracting and Construction Management Applications are invited that demonstrate excellence in construction, contract and project management. The planning, contracting and developing of major, minor, temporary and permanent contracts are all considered. The award recognises excellence, honouring those companies and managers that go beyond their professional requirements delivering the very highest quality assets, infrastructure, structures and buildings.
19 Architecture and Architectural Technology Applications are invited that demonstrate excellence in the practice of architecture and management of design. Collaborative commitment that breaks boundaries and pushes design and design management to the next level is encouraged.
20 Off-site Manufacture Applications are invited that demonstrate excellence in processes that transform construction, bringing greater efficiency, productivity, safety and innovation in the way we build and develop buildings to meet enhanced needs. Off-site is considered in its broadest


Questions + Answers

GBE LSI RISE Award 2021 Submission

What need did the product, process, project or service fill?

  • Elemental cost planning is not working, leading the industry into financial melt down over the last decade; effectively bankrupt but for supply chains suffering over 3 month late payments and consequential severe mental stress.
  • GBC tries to take cost control out of the hands of cheap-focussed quantity surveyors and offer it to quality-focussed designers.
  • Enables real big-thinking value engineering and avoids single component cost cutting by showing the consequence of all specification substitution decisions, so well informed decisions can be made.
  • Enable architecture students, graduates and building design and maintenance practitioners to understand the costs, energy and other performance and environmental life cycle impacts of their building design.
  • Take environmental design out of the hands of BREEAM Assessors and enable carbon literacy within the design professions

Why is it different/ special/ unique?

  • A design and decision tool with embedded multi-functional interrelated calculators for the significant numbers of designers that have not and are unlikely to engage with BIM.
  • Engages with energy and carbon in use, embodied energy, embodied and sequestered carbon in materials and full life cycle assessment at component, element and whole building levels.
  • Enables the user to choose between the plethora of Regulations, Design Standards and Campaigns, set, monitor targets and be warned if they are not met, and instantly see thickness of different insulation materials needed.

What challenges were faced and how were they overcome?

  • The time needed to compile all components and their areas in all elements and then find datasets, will put most people off doing carbon accounting:
  • GBC has all readymade elements with all components ready to be populated by user to speed the process
  • Keeping it simple: using familiar MS Excel, colour coded cells with different functions, comprehensive instructions for all cells, drop down lists to choose from, materials and product datasets to choose from
  • Carbon counting cannot be ‘Top-Trumps’ in building design: all other design issues have to be accounted for: GBC is multifunctional and all calculators are interlinked so any change is recalculated throughout them instantaneously so informed decisions can be made.

What did it achieve?

  • Version 1 was created and launched during 2020 COVID lockdowns
  • it merged existing calculators developed for students; added layers of sophistication, along with sufficient published and collated materials and product datasets to prove and launch a basic milestone calculator
  • Version 2 includes Embodied Energy, Carbon & Life Cycle Assessment of new and existing building features arrives nearly a year later.
  • It is too early to claim any achievements other than the 3 awards that have been given to V1 already.

What are the current and future benefits?

  • Version 2 is too new to have a track record, but GBC will initiate user and steering groups where we will invite users to share data so that we can do annual reports on ‘Carbon saved with the help of GBC’
  • Version 2 is only the beginning of 31 versions already planned (See other slide)
  • It is planned that all versions will continue to include interrelated calculations so instantaneous results can be read together and compared easily.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
21st June 2021 – 3rd September 2021


LSI RISE 2021 Award Certificate

LSI RISE Award 2021 GBC Certificate PNG

LSI RISE Award 2021 HighlyCommended PNG

LSI RISE Winners 2021 PDF

LSI RISE 2021 Award

GBC LSI RISE Award 2021 Total V2 A16 BRM 210621 PNG

GBC LSI RISE Award 2021 Left V2 A16 BRM 210621 PNGGBC LSI RISE Award 2021 Right V2 A16 BRM 210621 PNG

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
21st June 2021 – 3rd September 2021

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
21st June 2021

LSI RISE 2021 Award G#39789 End.

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