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Don’t Waste £Billions On Nuclear Power (Campaign) G#12944

By 13 September 2016December 9th, 20192016, Blog, Campaigns, Current, Daily Updates, News

Don’t Waste £Billions On Nuclear Power Campaign

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Don’t Waste £Billions On Nuclear Power Campaign

  • Government plans to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset are shaping up to be a disaster.
  • Hinkley’s already 8 years overdue.
  • And by the time it’s finished it’ll be the most expensive object on earth.
  • After the Brexit vote, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a fresh review of Hinkley — meaning the whole project could be on the rocks.
  • Let’s seize this moment to pile the pressure on Theresa May and the new Chancellor Philip Hammond.
  • A huge petition could be enough to convince them to abandon Hinkley and back cheaper, cleaner renewable power instead.

In exactly two days, we’re going to prove to Theresa May that we want her to ditch Hinkley Point nuclear plant.

How? By heading to Downing Street and handing her a huge petition!

But before we head to Number 10 this week, can you help make our petition even stronger?

Please forward this email to a friend today and ask them to sign the petition to stop Hinkley.

If each of us can persuade just one friend to sign, we’ll double the number of signatures!

Your friends can sign here:

We know we don’t need Hinkley to keep Britain’s lights on.

Last year, Greenpeace research showed that renewable energy can meet the bulk of Britain’s power needs within two decades [1].

And now a new report from energy analysts ECIU has worked out that “power generated [by Hinkley Point C] could be easily replaced by building four big offshore wind farms.” [2]

Despite Hinkley’s overwhelming unpopularity, it could still be approved soon.

If Theresa May pushes it through, she’ll be forcing bill payers to cover the cost of a nuclear plant that’s already billions of pounds over budget — and is predicted to spiral even further [3].

But a huge public outcry could be enough to persuade the prime minister to choose cleaner, cheaper renewable power instead.

So please ask your friends to sign the petition today, before we hand it in at Number 10 on Thursday.

Please ask your friends to sign the petition on this link:

With all my thanks,

Greenpeace UK


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13th September 2016 – 9th December 2019

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