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Ska Rating Higher Education is here

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  • SKA rating for higher education is now available for live project registrations and certifications!
  • The scheme has been built upon the existing live schemes of Offices and Retail, moving criteria to current good practice, plus reflects specific sector needs with brand new measures reflecting issues in classrooms, auditoriums, art workshops and laboratories.
  • There are also a number of measures that have been created uniquely for the sector, or updated to reflect it, which reflect the unique relationship refurbishments of whole or part buildings have in the context of campus wide initiatives and opportunities.
  • This can be seen in energy, pollution, project delivery and material issues and is supporting and encouraging greater sustainable coordination around campuses.

Sustainable fit-outs plugging gap using SKA HE by David Cheshire


GBE Future Events

  • 8th June 2016  Ska Higher Education launch event
  • 16th June 2016 SKA Rating for Higher Education Assessor Course

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