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NGS 2013 Q4 (Diary) G#705 N#727

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NGS 2013 Q4 (Diary)

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NGS October 2013 Diary

1: Scope of work schedule for Budget for house extension specification


2: 2 PASS Assessments of Hand Driers completed


2-5: Enquiry for PASS Assesments for French Clay products
13 applications to be considered, price to be determined
PrePASS to sift out likely fails


2: Scribd added to NGS Website

Capem logo png

3: CAP’EM bid for EC PEF Pilot success promotion

NGS Logo png

3: 1 million projected page views exceeded
based on one months actual statistics projected to 1 year


4: SBEE Book Proposal
Mike Malina Green Services Engineer 2nd Book
Book proposal brainstorming meeting at Cambridge University
Mike Malina, Ian Cooper, Alice Moncaster & BrianSpecMan

5: Update NGS Future Events diary page


8: FSP Committee to decide agenda for next years activities

ASBP Logo.png

8: ASBP event Overcoming Barriers to Mainstreaming Sustainable Products

8: NGS website 100,000 page views in 39 days

11: Cleantech Business Breakfast: Collaboration Workshop Peterborough

Peterborough Logo png

11: Environment Capital Workshop Peterborough

12-13: Grant Proposals


15: EcoShowcase Liverpool, Devonshire House Hotel
BrianSpecMan speaking: Flooring Accessories Adhesives & Incompatibilities

ASWS Logo png

Capem logo png

16: CAP’EM Steering Group and Working Committee meeting Lille France
Developing Generic material Data Sheets

17: 36 year reunion PNL PAN class of ’77 36 year reunion

  • PNL (Polytechnical of North London) Integrated part time Architecture Course (36 year) reunion
  • 1977-81: RIBA Part 1 PAN 1-4 BSc. Degree Architecture (Integrated part‑time)
  • 1981-84: RIBA Part 2 PAD 1-3 Diploma Architecture (Integrated Part-time)
  • Venue: Cullinan Studios N1 7RU,
  • Peter Rich’s and Robin Nickolson’s PAN & PAD course
  • Attending: Peter Rich, Robin Nickolson, Yvonne Dean, Derek Hill, Nick Guy, Spud Murphy, Rick Burgess, Ali, John Dawson, Alan Corrigun, etc.
  • Contact: Derek Hill 07530 425 368 or BrianSpecMan
2013-10-17 NLP Reunion 07 Crop png

17-19: How PAN & PAD Course Changed My Life
A tribute to Peter, Robin, Krome & Yvonne, etc.

19-24: 36 Year Reunion Polytechnic of North London
Created website page with photos, names and commentry


18: SBEE Book proposal 2nd meeting

21: SBEE Book proposal topic schedule


22: Supply Chain Environment School
Timber procurement certification and EUTR


22: TGR Steering Group Meeting

enviroform solutions logo png

23: EnviroForm Systems N. Ireland
Preview specification and product page opportunities
Drylining, insulation and thermal break solutions


24-25:CAP’EM Generic materials Data Sheets
15 materials in 5 countries developed for CAPEM COMPASS

Caroe Logo png

24: Oliver Caroe Architects Conservation Practice Specifications
Discuss NBS Building and NBS Create software options and how to set up Practice Template Specification

argilus Logo png

25: GreenSpecPASS Clay finish
Argilus Gillaizeau Clay Products 1 clay finish plaster ‘Finition’ 

The Big Green Home Show 2013 png

25-27: The Big Green Home Show Self-builders NSBRC Swindon
BrianSpecMan on Q&A panel Energy Efficiency and Expert Alley on Saturday
Met with Argilus French clay manufacturer PASS underway
Met with Reifa green roof PASS to start
Met with EcoMerchant discuss opportunities

NGS Logo png

26-31: NGS JARGON BUSTER Updates
CAP’EM Definitions added

CFJ Logo png

30: November CFJ Contract Flooring Journal
Agreed to write a page
Topic: Resource Efficiency, Waste minimisation, Site Waste management Plan Checklist and Material Exchange

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
7th September 2013 – 8th January 2019

NGS November 2013 Diary

1-4: Developing Templates for many Pages of the NGS website

1-3: NGS Grant Fund Applications

1: Comment on BCT proposal for a Poster to promote book


5: EcoShowcase Leeds, The Royal Armouries
BrianSpecMan speaking: Flooring Accessories Adhesives & Incompatibilities

ASWS Logo png

6: Gemini Adhesive Ltd. Risk Free Cap & Coving
1 Manufacturer, 3 Accessories, 1 System, 6 Jargon busters

6: Update NGS News

Guerrilla Tactics png

7-8: BCT Briefing for Guerrilla Tactics
To deliver the BCT story not just mine
Final file issued to BCT


Attended the RIBA Plan of Works workshop
See Critique next month

8: SBEE Book Proposal meeting conference call
Pattern Language: write up Pattern format

8: Create NGS Template list for Manufacturers Services


determine Postcodes for Centre of England and Centre of GB

8-9: Update Gemini Cap & Coving spec and other sections specs

Guerrilla Tactics png

13: Designing for Biodiversity at the RIBA
BrianSpecMan spoke about designing for biodiversity


enviroform solutions logo png

Postponed Enviroform Solutions of N Ireland
Review draft specifications and consider product page opportunities
Drylining, thermal insulation and thermal bridge solutions

14: Interreg Project Ideas and Teams meeting Lille

Capem logo png

15: CAP’EM Envireo Conference at Loos en Gohelle
BrianSpecMan to present CAP’EM Compass


18: CAPEM Match funding call with CE Wales

19: Gemini Flooring Accessories Specifications

20: Publisher call re CODE in 3D world proposal

21: TSB Innovation Vouchers investigation

22: Planning Portal Discussions

22: Grosvenor Estates Discussions

23-24: CFJ Article for Sustainability Publication
Flooring Resource Efficiency

27: CAP’EM after Interreg
Pre-meeting for Interreg Meeting Lille


28: EcoShowcase London, The Emirates
BrianSpecMan speaking: Flooring Accessories Adhesives & Incompatibilities


28: LSBU Discussing scope of RIBA Part 2 seminar series witk Mike Kane

Visited to discuss writing project ERs

CFJ Logo png

30: Update CFJ Flooring Resource Efficiency Article

30: Update Waste Jargon Buster pages

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
25th October 2013 – 8th January 2019

NGS December 2013 Diary

1: Marketing to manufacturers file

NGS Manufacturer Services Doc A00 png

1: Manufacturer Web page pricing calculator

NGS Manufacturer Services Excel A00 png

1: Specification Sales to Architects

NGS Specification Sales Architects Cover png

2: Planning Portal White house Software Licence Discussions


3: EcoShowcase Cardiff, Cardiff City Stadium
BrianSpecMan speaking: Flooring Accessories Adhesives & Incompatibilities

ASWS Logo png

3: Marketing Diagrams

NGS 6 Part Linkage Diagram 1 png

3: Marion Baeli Retrofit Book Launch London


4: Keep it Local, TGR BiteSize CPD, London


6: EH Smith Suppliers Initiate discussions


retroexpo logo png

6: RetroExpo, Design Centre Islington London

Huddersfield Railway heritage Award png

7-8: CAP’EM Huddersfield Award page

8: Manufacturer marketing update

RIBA Plan Of Work Logo png

9: Critique of the RIBA Plan Of Work

9-10: Compile List of UK Thermal Insulation Stakeholders for PEF

10: CAP’EM Huddersfield Award page


11: SBEE Committee SmartLIFE LCC

12: BSI PAS 600 Bio-Based Products & Economy Conference

13: School Building Specification Scope of work update

13: SBEE Book Chapter title schedule and Book Title Update

14-15: NGS Download website update

14: Specification Sales to Architects
Expand for Gemini


16: School Building Specification Briefing Oxford
Time and Budget Proposal

17-18: CAP’EM Extension Steering Committee
Calthorpe Hall, London,
Capem logo png

Review for Manufacturter to consider applicability
20: Meeting Manufacturer about Specification Sales to Architects
Planning CPD test run with 6 Practioces.

21-24: VAT

24-31: AJA Adrian James Architects
Shrewsbury Private School
Writing up Employer’s Requirements from meeting notes

enviroform solutions logo png

Enviroform Solutions of N Ireland
Review draft specifications and consider product page opportunities
Drylining, thermal insulation and thermal bridge solutions

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
9th November 2013 – 8th January 2019

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