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GBE Diary 2014 Q3 G#1615 N#1541

By 1 November 2014September 1st, 20162014, 2014, Archive, Blog, Diary, News, Q3

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GBE Diary 2014 Q3


GBE Diary July 2014

Capem logo png

1-31: CAP’EM Final Claim Preparation

8: CAP’EM submission to [avniR] conference proof reading draft

9: CAP’EM Meet First Level Controller

10: ASBP Meeting to discuss opportunities

ASBP Logo.png

10: ASBP Embodied Carbon Seminar

11: NGS CHECKLIST C10 published and promoted

14-18: CAP’EM EPD development of Template

17: Peterborough UCP Fossil Fuel Free Building

18: NGS EVIDENCE BASED CASE Template created

21: CAP’EM BIM Development of Product Data Sheet

23: CAP’EM Meeting with BIM Systems UK

Ska EAM Logo png

28: Ska TC Meeting at RICS

29: NGS CHECKLIST L10 published and promoted

NGS Logo png

31: Reservied

31: Creative techniques workshop brainstorming NGS

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th August 2014 -14th August 2014

GBE Diary August 2014

Capem logo png

1-31: CAP’EM Final Claim Preparation

NGS Logo png


CFJ Logo png

6: CFJ Article responding to F Ball response to Alan Best Article on Indoor Air Quality & materials choice


6: TRANsition towards SustainablE COnstruction – TRANSECO

Ambition to apply for Interreg Funding in Jan 2015
5 year project NGS will probably work with ASBP for the UK

TRANSECO aims to foster and accelerate the transition towards sustainable construction at a large scale, targeting all players of the construction sector.

TRANSECO reaches its goal by capitalising on existing tools at a transnational level, by building new tools and methods, and by spreading wide impact throughout North West Europe.

NGS Logo png


  • Requested by GreenSpec to remove references to GreenSpec and links to the site, many of which were out of date due to restructuring of GreenSpec site.
  • 18 Pages removed or reassigned
  • Substantially Completed but kept 1 entry in NGS LINKS
  • Request to move webste to new URL will be addressed in September.
  • New URL has been reserved.

bream logo small. png
  • Pre launch public consultation with AIS



NGS Logo png

25: NGS CHECKLIST 1538: F23 Stone/Soil/Turf/Hedging Hedge Bank Walling posted and promoted

LSBUlogo.pngLSBU Logo Image png

26: London South Bank University
Postgraduate student resubmissions reviews

Capem new logo RGB png

28-29: Final Project meetings of CAP’EM

  • Final act of CAP’EM will be at [avniR] conference in November
  • Discussion included:
  • CAPEM after Interreg
  • PEF Pilot continuing
  • Interreg Programme
  • other project opportunity
  • TRANSECO Interreg
  • CAPEM LIFE Programme
  • other project opportunity CAPEM+

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th August 2014 – 15th September 2014

GBE Diary September 2014

Capem logo png

1-30: CAP’EM Final Claim Preparation
Thats 2.5 months of intermittent accounts for an SME working in a programme not geared to SME involvement, but whose results are aimed to help SMEs
Remind me what the UK Interreg Point of Contact said:
“as an SME and becoming a Project Partner: Don’t do it”
I now know why, my fault for ignoring good advice.

rmf raised modular flooring logo png

1: Raised Modular Flooring Ltd. meeting to discuss opportinities

Gemini Logo 2 png
1: Gemini Adhesives Ltd.
  • meeting to discuss CPD programme
  • start telephone campaign to Insurers:
    • BLP Building Life Plans, NHBC, WREN, etc.

3: CAP’EM First Level Controller meeting
3: TRANSECO Initial Meeting in Lille

EC EuropeanCommission Logo png
5: PEF Meeting Brussels

2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

5: CAPEM’s new logo minus apostrophy ready for post Interreg phase posted to NGS website

8: SBEE Meeting with TPCA & TSB
TSB Technology Strategy Board logo png
Adaptation due to Climate change

Capem logo png

11: CAP’EM LIFE project ambition document issued for comment
11-15: CAP’EM Final claim accounts evidence
3 months of ‘end of project accounts’ for 12 month claim

15: EcoBuild & resource 2015
EcoBuild Logo png
  • Starting to allow myself to consider marketing NGS GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia
  • Looking at floor plans to consider rooms and stand placement and format of launch events
RESOURCE Show logo.png

rmf raised modular flooring logo png

16: Raised Modular Flooring Ltd. Specification Proposal

Life Logo Colour png
19-30: CAPEM LIFE project proposal development
Individual brainstorms by project partners:
Marie DARUL of CD2E Lead Partner (France)
Peter Thoelen of VIBE (Belgium)
Han van Drunen Agrodome (Holland)
Fred van de Burgh Agrodome (Holland)
Andrew Norton of Renuables (Wales)
BrianSpecMan of NGS (England)
Coordinator CD2E Jodie Bricout (France)
2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

19: NGS Green Building Encyclopaedia
Added New Build Checklist F10 BRICK/BLOCK WALLING

NGS Logo png
20: NGS Green Building Encyclopaedia
added New Build Checklist Z21 MORTAR

Ska EAM Logo png
25: Ska Technical Committee

25: Forest Safety Products Ltd & Forest Drainage Products Ltd.
Meeting to discuss product range

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th August 2014 – 22nd September 2014

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