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GBE Diary 2016 Q1

GBE Diary 2016 Q1 (This page); GBE Diary 2016 Q2 (Future); GBE Diary 2016 Q3 (Future); GBE Diary 2016 Q4 (Future)
GBE Diary 2015 Q4 (Archive)

GBE Diary 2016 Q1

GBE Diary January 2016

1: Happier New Year to all

1: Develop new Tabbed System Page Template and 1 new System Page


1-3: LSB University Job Application Form, 3 Referee enquiry emails, 3 posts applied for.

Enviroform Solutions Logo

1-3: Cross reference Enviroform Solutions Ltd to Accessories Pages


TMC MarketingCompass8stars4: Marketing Compass Phone call: Planning next moves:
Next Campaign: EWI failings and Enviroform Solutions for January Members Newsletter No.3, January Solution Providers News No.3 and next Issue Paper.


4-5: GBE Robust Specification for EWI Thermal Breaks Accessories and System first draft completed and issued for comment.  Drafts pasted into pages to check fit.

RecoupES logo

4-5: Contacted by Recoup Energy Solutions interested in promoting their SHRU Shower Heat Recovery Unit and others.  Sent Service Price bands and bespoke budget calculator for meeting today.


Enviroform Solutions Logo

5-6: Completed Enviroform Solutions Ltd‘s 5 Accessories Pages: Thermo-Pro® TracFlashFasciaSoil PipeThermo-Bead; adding to About Accessory, Incubator, Accessory Specification, Elemental Sub-Assembly Specification, Link tabs.

Mailchimp Email CampaignsThe Marketing Compass Logo 3

6-7: Prepare draft Outline Campaign for External Wall Insulation Accessories for January Newsletters


7: Links in Manufacturer Navigations for Enviroform

Paul Borgeouis

7-9: GBE Q&A response: Comparing Flat Roof Insulation Thicknesses

Ska Logo

7-8: Ska Higher Education Scheme review

Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland) Logo

(Republic of Ireland)

8: Meeting with Hugh Whiriskey of Partel an Irish Builders Merchant with emphasis on energy performance, with greener products too.  Discussed everything, then his product range and focussed on Robust specifications for Air/Wind tight systems.  Will add products/application matrix to pricing spreadsheet.

Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland) Logo

9: Updated Tabbed Manufacturer Page Template from ESLtd. upgrade
Created Tabbed Supplier Page Template from Manufacturer’s
Created G#9041 Partel IRL Partel UK Page from Template (Map tab fault)
Developing Product/Accessory/Application matrix

9: Develop new Tabbed System Page Template and Enviroform Solutions Ltd. Thermo-Pro®System Page



10: Start Issue Paper on External Solid Wall Insulation ESWI extract Executive Summary for NT to ‘Market Up’ for Members Newsletter No.3

10: Updated GBE Products Navigation and GBE Ingredients

11: Tabbed Supplier Page Template update

11: Updated GBE Q&A & Thermal insulation of existing timber stud external walls

11: Added London Dwelling Age Map Information

GBEMemberNewsletter2Dec201511: Draft GBE SP News No.3 January 2016 to NT to Market Up

12: Update Navigation pages for ProductsEncyclopaediaSuppliers; Updated Future Events 2016Pinterest,

GBE Pinterest GBE

12: Supplier Page 3 column Template for Back to Earth Supplier.


Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland) Logo

12: Quotation to Partel IRL for Airtightness system Robust Specifications and GBE Pages

13: Links in Accessories Schedules & Systems Navigations pages for Enviroform Solutions Ltd.‘s Thermo-Pro® System and 5 Accessories; update of Accessory/Accessories (JB) Jargon Buster.

13: Future events Walter Segal Exhibition, Launch and Discussion

14: Major update of Future events 2016 with regional shows and training courses and pushed to social media.

GBE Logo15: Created: GBE Issue Paper External Solid Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges Executive Summary, GBE Issue Navigation Template; updated: A95 Infra-Red Thermographic SurveysIssue Paper: Overheating, External Solid Wall Insulation and Thermal BridgesOverheating Navigation

Passive Building Suppliers (Republic of Ireland) Logo

15: Updated Quote for Partel to include ventilation equipment

15: Solution Providers Newsletter No.3 January 2016 draft back from Marketing Director

16: Updated SP News No 2 December 2015 to replace template ready for No.3; updated Collaborate Navigation


16/01/16-13/02/16: WALTER’S WAY THE SELF-BUILD REVOLUTION @AA Gallery Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-17:00. Walter Segal Exhibition, Launch and Discussion

17: Created GBE SP News No 3 January 2016 ready for mail chimp campaign

17-18: GBE Jargon Buster Theme External Solid Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges in Word and sent to Enviroform Solutions Ltd. for discussions.

17-18: Started and updated Tabbed Jargon Buster Template ready for Theme: External Solid Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges and entries; then first Jargon Buster page using it Breathing Construction Walls (JB)


18: Added GBE Jargon Busters Thermal Bridge & Thermal Break for links to Enviroform Solutions Ltd’s Accessories

19: Updated Biodiversity Book page

19-20: Wrote Members Newsletter No 3 January 2016 focussing on feedback from 4 collaborators, Created Members Newsletter No N Month 2016 Template then set up No.3 on website to make links to pages.  New Images for Thermal Breaks for Enviroform Solutions Ltd’s Accessories.


20: Confirmed Partel GBE Robust Specifications and Accessory/System Pages for Airtightness products

21-22: Prepare 2 newsletters for Mailchimp Campaigns

21: Updates to Overheating Navigation & Issue Paper: Overheating created Tabbed Issue Paper Subtopic Template for External Solid Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges Executive Summary.  Created Tabbed Checklist Page Template for Checklist: M21 Insulation With Rendered Finish (CL) Updated links in Members Newsletter No 3 January 2016

22: Enviroform Solutions linking and finishing pages
Members Newsletter No.3 into mail chip

23: Accounts

24: Enviroform Solutions Accessory Specification clauses

25: SP News No.4 Schedule, Members Newsletter No.3
London South Bank University course diary arrived, sorting out clashes with CPD activity.

25-26: Quotation for Partel GBE Robust Specifications and Pages for Airtightness and Mechanical Ventilation Products

26: Tablet navigation review;
Published Members Newsletter No 3 January 2016

ES ThermoProAll45

Enviroform Solutions Logo

Enviroform Solutions Logo


26: Walter Segal and the Future of Self-Build. AA Lecture Hall, beginning at 6.00pm

Panel discussion with Jon Broome (architect and collaborator with Segal on the 1980s Lewisham housing projects), Charlie Luxton (architectural designer and broadcaster), Alice Grahame (freelance journalist and resident of Walter’s Way) and others.

27: London South Bank University course sorting out clashes with CPD activity; Accounts; Ska agreement signature; Biog to Edith Colomba for Advisory panel; SP News No.3 update

28: Tom Dollard revised Book Proposal Review
Partel revised quotation.
CPD Enquiry

29: Marketing Compass Monthly Skype call. Determined new page naming convention for better SEO and User interface, implemented immediately.

30-31: Renaming pages

31: Posted first Charlotte May Trundle Video on Facebook

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
1st January 2016 – 2nd February 2016

GBE Diary 2016 Q1

GBE Diary February 2016

1: Updated website John Newton and Company;

Pulse Ait Tightness Test Kit

Pulse Ait Tightness Test Kit

1: University of Nottingham launches new Pulse air-test unit Blog;


1-2: Major upgrade of Navigation pages with new page naming convention.
1-2: Preparing Specifications Email to Solution Providers

3: GCGP LEP Funding Event Peterborough
(See 15: NT and INSURE project)

4-6: Draft Solution Providers Newsletter offering Specifications and pages

4-6: Draft Members Email offering CPD to Designers and Potential Overheating recipients

4: Enquiry about September Muswell Hill Green Group event about Green Low Energy ‘Extensions, Attics and Alterations’ to potential Architect audience

5: Start lecture series today

LSBU LSBU Part2 Year1 2011

LSBU Keyworth Front

LSBU Keyworth Front


Set up page for students to download files
1st lecture went well, 57 students signed up, 33 attended must work on getting 100% attendance
47 candidates applying for full time post, interviews in 2 weeks

8: SPNews and Members Newsletters schedules to send from Mailchimp

8-16: Further development of Navigation pages and page naming
introduced white > invisible page numbering in lists.

9-10: Updated CV with specification activity since 2000 to 2016

10: Preparation for BGY Specification Workshop


11: Meeting at TP Bennetts re Specification Writer Post

11: Walter Segal exhibition AA School

11: GBE CPD In-House


Buckley Gray Yeoman, Shoreditch, London,
Half day Specification Workshop


12: LSBU Post Graduate Course Lecture
Lecture on resource efficiency


15: Invited by National Trust to consider involvement in Interreg project INSURE INnovative SUstainable REnovation.
Agrodome (Netherlands partner of CAPEM project) NT (UK partner of Living Green), Living Green and CAPEM were part of Interreg strategic partners project Envireo.  Prepared proposal.


15: GBE proposal to AECB to extract the essence out of AECB forum and convert into web pages; to capture the expertise of the ageing Gurus in AECB membership and to present ideas to AECB summer Conference in Norwich.

17: Preparation for Ska meeting reviewing public consultation

Ska Logo

18: Ska TC meeting Reviewing HE scheme Public Consultation

18: Digital Object identifiers (DOI) ICE London


19: LSBU Post Graduate Course Lecture 3

3 SurveysTestsS108Cover


23: WordPressNoStress Software training day


24: Meeting at Purcell London re Specification Writer Post

Ska Logo

25-26: Ska HE final feedback


26: LSBU Post Graduate Course Lecture 4

4 JA90PrinciplesOfElementDesignS45


26: TP Bennett Project Specification Meeting


29: GBE NGS Echo review for

29: Specification Training Planning Meeting


Buckley Gray Yeoman, Shoreditch, London

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
1st January 2016 – 29th February 2016

GBE Diary 2016 Q1

GBE Diary March 2016


2: Infrared Thermography
TGR Bite Size

3: Attended ERDF Low Carbon Fund Call Event Peterborough met National Trust’s Phil Lakin European Grants manager with interest in INSURE INnovative Sustainable RRfurbishment project


3: TP Bennetts Design team Meeting Crawley Site


4: LSBU Lecture 5


4: Zero Bills House launch visit @ BRE


7: TP Bennett Architects, Elekta Office Project, 1st Specification Meeting. Started converting Contractors Proposal outline specification into NBS format Specification before Site Design team meeting with Roofing and Cladding Sub-Contractors.


8-10: EcoBuild & Resource 2016 shows


3 days of tweeting (starting here) about the exhibitors with interesting products or interesting offerings, attracted quite a lot of attention and new followers

8: Meeting with CD2E (French CAP’EM Partner) with French Delegation for evening BIM event with BIM Store and Olly Thomas BIM Technologies.

9: Prompted by Healthy House Architect Beverley Wood meeting with Gayle and Snowden Architects Ltd. Building Biology Association & Briony Turner re possible Healthy Interiors Specification


9-15: INSURE Project enquiry from Phil Lakin re GBE possible involvement, Detailed response of potential to collaborate in project.


11: LSBU Lecture 6

11: LSBU Met with Chrysta, last year’s TRADA competition joint winner to review current project and consider GBE Embodied Energy Carbon Sequestered carbon Calculator updates.

12: Uploaded Calculator to GBE Shop

GBEWholeBuildingEE+EC+SCCalculator 06.04.32


12-14: BGY Architects: Follow up NBS Specification Training Workshops, update training proposal


Buckley Gray Yeoman, Shoreditch, London

13: GBE Hempcrete Specification unfinished draft, prepared during Tom Woolley’s book project, sent to Alex Sparrow for consideration.

14-15: TP Bennett: Elekta Project: Editing External Envelope Specification work sections including some non-NBS bespoke GBE work sections: H11, H13, H31, H43, H49 Metal Mesh Cladding, K42 External Suspended Soffits, L10, L14 Rooflights, L15 Solar Shading, L19 Ventilation Louvres, L20

A90 P SC PerformanceSpec A15BRM160316

16: Updated GBE A90 Performance Specification and posted in GBE Shop

16: TP Bennett Elekta Project, Edited A90 into Project Specification



18: LSBU Lecture 7



19-20: Anhydritec‘s Gyvlon Screed and Tecdrit pages added with NGS Echo certificates



CAB 30 Binder Anhydritec SAS France

CAB 30 Binder
Anhydritec SAS France

20: Listed 250 pages added or updated

21: LSBU Student score sheet update

Ska Logo

22: Ska HE Review Public Consultation comments

JargonBusterCollected A30 BRM 021211

22: GBE Website development:
Added Jargon Buster update 30 for free to GBE Shop


23: EcoBuild Marketing follow up emails


23-25: Vivara Pro called re Nest Box Specification
24: RSPB SW Stephen Fitt called re BSI Nest Box BS ambition


24-25: VAT


26-29: TP Bennett Elekta Project Specification
J42 Single Ply Roofing extracting specification from BBA Certificate and merging with Contractor’s Specification
J41 Sheet Damp Proof Membrane/Tanking extracting specification from BBA Certificate and merging with D&C Contractor’s Proposal Specification

NBSSpecFromBinderDiskSession2 S1

29: Prepared PowerPoint file for first of 5 half day training workshops 30: Presented Session 2 for novice and experienced specification writers to 11 staff at BGY Architects.
31: Updated PowerPoint for Session 2 after workshop
31: Prepared Powerpoint file for Session 1


Buckley Gray Yeoman, Shoreditch, London

AJA Logo

31: Adrian James Architects: After the success of recent rural office conversion to IVF clinic project, GBE invitation to prepare 2nd specification for IVF Clinic in Harley Street London


31: Extracted and tabulated RIBA Syllabus for planned seminars for Senior Lecturer in Architecture Full time Post at LSBU 14th April 2016

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
1st January 2016 – 3rd April 2016

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