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Circular Economy ZWS SEDA Event

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Circular Economy ZWS SEDA Event

Circular Economy in Construction Conference

Organisers: Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Ecological Design Association

One of many Speakers: BrianSpecMan of GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia

@ Venue: ___

@ City: Edinburgh

@ Date 24th October 2019

@ Time: ____

GBE Presentation Outline

Invited to speak about Circular Economy, a highly illustrated presentation will introduce:
Waste Aware Scotland WAS and Zero Waste Scotland ZWS & Design and Specification publications
GBE Waste Hierarch 42Rs, GBE Circular Diagrams,
Cradle to Cradle C2C principles, C2CN Network Interreg Project, Buildings as Materials Banks BAMB 2020 project,
BRE, CIRIA, WRAP, NISP, CRWP waste reduction activity
Design for Assembly DFA, Design for Deconstruction DFD, Design to Reduce Waste DRW,
Z20 Fixing and Fastenings F&F,
Book on Reuse of Materials in Building, ZedFactory Projects,
UEA Enterprise Building project materials mapping
Paola Sassi research work,
ICE Demolition Protocol, Earth Exchange, Materials Exchanges, Architectural Salvage, Construction Reclaim, websites.
GBE will update all Resourceful CPD files and update or publish them on GBE.


Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan BRM @ Build4 CAPEM Showroom

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan BRM @ Build4 CAPEM Showroom

Speaker Biography

  • Brian Murphy is a technician and architect by training, specification writer by choice and environmentalist by action.
  • He joined the green movement late, speaking at Green is the Colour in 1999 and joining AECB and TGR steering committees shortly afterwards.
  • In 2001 he launched the National Green Specification followed by the GreenSpec website in 2003.
  • 2012 saw an exit strategy from GreenSpec to create Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) online.
  • So far he has created 2050 pages out of 30,000 anticipated pages of GBE.
  • Brian has also written over 1000 CPD seminars on environmental construction, specification and professional practice a 9000 term jargon buster and 150 page environmental checklist (do this, avoid that, etc.).


GBE CPD Cover slide
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8th September 2019

Circular Economy ZWS SEDA Event

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8th September 2019

Circular Economy ZWS SEDA Event
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8th September 2019

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