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GBE Blogging Topics Documentation (Blog) G#38759

By 29 October 2020April 13th, 20212020, Blog, Blog Archives, Current, MicroBlogs, News, Other's Stuff

GBE Blogging Topics Documentation

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GBE Blogging Topics Documentation

29/10/2020 on The Marketing Compass

Thank you for the Blogging Session and the mind map follow up yesterday.
I wanted to consider Blogging > Topics > Documenting > Current Activity > Diary for a moment.
The following is my interpretation of ‘Documentation’, are these the sort of things you had in mind?

If not do let me know what you had in mind.

At University (before the PC had been invented) Eyvone Dean our Technology and Materials lecturer prompted me on this: take interesting construction press cuttings, attach to an index card and add to a filing index box system so you could go back to find good stuff on any subject.

  • I recommend the ICT equivalent of this to my students today.
  • Jargon Buster is their favourite (more below)

If I get an interesting Questions or Questions via phone, zoom, email or from any of my three website’s contact forms I will go to Word and copy the Question and then answers it in a number of different ways and post the result in their respective Categories (= a place in my site map hierarchy)
Each is a stepping stone to more information that could follow.
Not forgetting to answer the contact form!
And pinging links into social media or posting it in Linked in and images in Pinterest.

Each is an opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of a subject and often lead to new discoveries or new thoughts on the subject, for me at least, so might as well share them in case it had not occurred to others.

GBE Q+A Questions & Answers (I have to ask and answer many questions around the first questions to avoid the risk of misinterpretation)

GBE Jargon Buster: I search for the official definitions from numerous source and record them, so we all have a common language and understanding of the phrases or acronyms used in the questions and answers

GBE Checklist: Usually based on Building Trades or Building Elements: consider this, avoid those and recycled them

GBE Brainstorm: Building Design Projects usually get this treatment: challenge any preconceptions or apparent errors, educate on the subject and offer alternatives

GBE Defects: If I get images of problems in building details I will analyse them and identify the links in the chain of causes; more often poor understanding, bad design and occasionally poor implementation or workmanship. And suggest solutions and point out problems solving products in the market (or product on GBE website)

GBE Brain Dump: Usually topical, I just write down everything I know and think I know on the topic, including links to books, websites, online tools, equations, datasets.

GBE Outline: When there is a lot that is know on the subject it can be developed as an outline (Like mind maps with the topic headings but with added information under each heading). I have stripped down technical books to their essence and created an outline. These can become the core of an ‘expert system’ the ‘guru knowledge’ part.

GBE Issue Paper: Social media chatter often highlights gaping holes in knowledge. I respond in Social media then if I realise I know a lot about the subject, I start an Issue Paper.
Overheating buildings remains a big issue and there are many contributing factors, so I started a paper that ended up over 100 pages long

GBE CPD: I will turn any document into a PowerPoint Seminar by adding essential illustrations, then look for and promote to potential audiences, I have written over 1000 in the past 20 years and presented many of them.

Everyone of the above outputs gets its own page on the GBE website
If it has a file, a PDF will get posted (for downloading) but the text content also gets pasted directly into vigora 100 the page (for Google and user’s reading)
Related topics get listed and linked in both directions.
Some outputs get added to the GBE Shop (usually PPTX, DOCX, XLSX)
I also try to keep a diary and a daily outputs page and list all of the website pages and posts created so they can be found in many different ways.

Over to you Nigel, what other forms of Documentation did you have in mind?

Oh and I won’t forget to post this post into its own page on my website!


© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
29th October 2020


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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
29th October 2020 – 13th April 2021

GBE Blogging Topics Documentation
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