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GBE Newsletter No 1 October 2015 G#3716

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UK Construction Week 2015 I went, did you?

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GBE Newsletter No 1 October 2015

UK Construction Week 2015 I went, did you?

UK Construction Week 2015: I went, did you?

October saw the first outing of UK Construction Week 2015 ‪@UK_CW at NEC Birmingham.

  • 9 shows in 1 was a great development on the 2014 Build Show ambitions.
  • A one day overlap with Grand Design Live enriched the visitor profile as did the trade appentices on day 3.
  • It looks like we now have two annual shows, six months apart UKCW & EcoBuild.
  • Will we see more differentiation between them?
  • Mixed reviews: not enough foot-fall for some, plenty for others, but some good enquiries.
  • It felt like the child of Interbuild and half filled that chasm with very diverse content; a great first showing.

Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) ‪@GBEGreenBuild were there on reconnaissance

  • BrianSpecMan attended all 3 days, collected 87 business cards and interrogated many manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Starting point and focus was Timber Expo, that felt more eco then EcoBuild.
  • BrianSpecMan is writing up what he found interesting on GBE and shortlists 10 below and more in next eNewsletter.
  • He spent his time presenting GBE to problem solving manufacturers
  • They will be encouraged to join the GBE Solution Providers as soon as possible.
  • An overwhelmingly positive response from manufacturers and suppliers to ‪@GBEGreenBuild.
  • These ambitions remain much the same:

10 things BrianSpecMan interrogated, liked and shortlisted at UK Construction Week

  • in no particular order.
  • a diverse mix of things (even more diverse in following eNewsletters).
  • and more images and links will be added in the on-line version of this newsletter.

1 Seconds & Co.


  • All production runs have imperfect starts and stops with occasional blemishes mid flow; all of which are not of ‘merchantable quality’ and would be rejected on site.
  • They would be sent to landfill or better still sold as seconds; this company collects them from manufacturers and sells them to small and self-builders.
  • Self-builders will take the time to cut out the odd bits, make the installation pristine and ‘fit for purpose’.
  • They offer UK mainland delivery within 5-6 working days and savings between 10 and 50%, not to be scoffed at.
  • And they do sell insulating materials other than foamed plastics (So you can choose the right material for the application)
  • A new player to be added to GBE Resource Map when GBE gets there.

2 Sym-Wall Modular Panel Technology

Sym-Wall Modular Panel Technology Precast Fibre Reinforced Gypsum

Sym-Wall Modular Panel Technology Precast Fibre Reinforced Gypsum

  • Fibre-reinforced water-resistant precast gypsum sections, demonstrated here as an internal partition system; but with many other potential applications.
  • I had a long discussion with its inventor about its recipe, properties and potential problem-solving applications.
  • I fancy there are some modifications in the recipe to be had to reduce its impact and increase versatility.
  • Looking forward to more discussions and interesting products arriving in the market.

3 TRADA National Student Design Competition AIRSPEED Yorkshire Air Museum Hanger and Gateway.

Airspeed Video Joint 1st prize

Airspeed Video Joint 1st prize

  • Brief.
  • Video: Winners and Solutions.
  • I declare an interest in this, Andreas Christodoulou is one of the students on the Environment & Resource Efficiency module I run at London South Bank University.
  • I cannot claim any influence over the design but his response to the ‘site analysis > briefing > building use > servicing requirement > design > structure > construction > materials > waste’ submission scored well along the way.
  • Joint 1st. prize, congratulations Andreas.
  • Congratulations all the other teams, Yorkshire Air Museum and TRADA.

4 Joyner Bolt the revolutionary spiked timber fixing


  • Its inventor designed and overcame the limitations of coach-bolts, threaded rods and metal tooth plate connectors with:
    • ease of use, speed and efficiency, quality of joint, ease of demount-ability, reusable timber and reusable bolt.
  • Smart bolt.
  • Happy Inventor.

5 Ventrolla Period Window Renovation Specialist

Ventrolla Refurbished & Upgraded Vertical Sliding Sash Window

Refurbished & Upgraded Vertical Sliding Sash Window

  • A great display of before and after solutions for vertical sliding sash windows repair, improvement and upgrades.
  • An excellent matrix of renovation and replacement options in literature.


  • I am determined that I will connect them with a prolific inventor of viable solutions for solid wall energy improvements to solve the energy loss through the box frame.
  • I know there is an answer to be found and hope to see it shown next year!

6 N#906 Ecological Building Systems


  • Very nicely presented new brochure full of new goodies with more accolades, endorsements and certificates.
  • I declare another interest here, the 2nd and 3rd most popular file downloads from the NGS website were:
  • They were written around their products in their early days.
  • The specifications were thorough but apparently ‘scary’ to users.
  • They need updating with many new products on offer.
  • We discussed turning them into many specifications one for each airtightness detail.
  • Watch this space.

7 G#1510 N#1461 EcoChoice Ltd. Exterior Timber Solutions

EcoChoice TimberExpo 2015 stand

EcoChoice TimberExpo 2015 stand

  • A great selection of certified hardwoods ideal for:
    • submerged civil engineering and infrastructure
    • as well as domestic and commercial,
  • with a track record of robust applications.

8 Green Unit


  • I had a long discussion with the architect and it seems technical and environmental issues have been addressed
  • An oval section modular building that is supported by excellent literature, hinting at its adaptability and versatility.


9 Sioo human friendly environmental natural wood protection

  • Highly effective mineral silicon based technology for all wood types.
  • with beautiful natural finishes for use internally, externally, vertical or horizontal.
  • Invented in Sweden, 10 year track record, loved by architects, available in the UK.

10 Marxmanpen



  • Delightfully simple and very appealing device for constructors, self-builders and DIYers.
  • to spray bright coloured dye through a drilled hole in thick timber to set out your drilling position dot on background surfaces.
  • We discussed the recipe of rechargeable materials in dye and propellant:
  • every effort must be made to ensure and keep these benign when profit margins are driven down by stockists, suppliers & distributors.

So many more products and services are listed and linked

Items 11 to 20 in the next edition of GBE eNewsletter.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th October 2015 – 29th October 2015

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