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Combustible Materials Consultation Campaign Template

ACAN Guidance for Response to the Combustible Materials Consultation

You may be aware that the government is reviewing a ban on the use of combustible materials in and on the external walls of buildings.

The deadline for responses to the consultation is April 13th.

According to analysis by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), only 2 Architects responded to the consultation last year with respect to fire safety. 

The Architects Climate Action Network have been working closely with the Timber Trade Federation to understand the significant implications this could have on building with timber as a primary structural material.

We firmly believe suitably designed and constructed structural timber is an essential part of a sustainable and regenerative building industry.

Our work-in-progress response is currently out for comment and we will be launching our campaign next week aimed at encouraging the strongest response from individuals across the industry.

Whilst we support stronger appropriate regulations we also call for:    

  • The Government to recognise the significant contribution made by UK designers in fire-safe timber architecture, and for new regulations to support the continuation of these efforts. 
  • Designers should not be impeded from using structural timber appropriately in meeting the targets set out by the Committee on Climate Change aimed at decarbonising the construction industry.
  • The TTF’s key responses to be supported.

We will be asking you, the wonderful Architects Climate Action Network, to connect with your colleagues, contacts, and peers in order to make sure the MHCLG is aware of our concerns and engages positively with our recommendations.

If you wish to contribute ahead of then, please feel free to review and comment on our response in this document.

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Campaign Template

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