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GBE Product Data Collection (Collaborate)

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When it comes to specification information dissemination between manufacturer and specifier there are a number of options to consider:

  • Promotional Literature which is often wordy, full of optimistic marketing and recommendation rather than instruction and needs heavy editing by the specifier.
  • Technical Literature which will be a step closer to the requirements of the specifier, but may be in a PDF file that when and if permitted, copied from may carry format settings and history making editing necessary, often problematic and full of risks
  • Readymade Specification templates with editing notes

GBE Product Data Collection Sheet strips out all of the opimistic marketing and reduce the facts to the essessence: property, value and standards, but its ambitions are to:

  • fill the tabbed pages of the new GBE Tabbed Product Pages including:
    • Specifications: Product, System, Waste, Workmanship,
    • BIM Product Data Sheet,
    • COBie spreadsheet,
    • FMSpec
    • SWMP
    • End Of Life and Product Passport
    • and many more
  • feed a database and Big Open Data
  • be printed as a database output

Its multicolumn format may make editing into specifications a little risky.

GBE Robust Specification Work section: A readymade template Specifications that are the ideal solution for specifiers;

  • adopting elemental approach to specification
  • with assembly and component specifications
  • all the reasons for choosing the product are included
  • format is suitable for editing straight into project specifications
    • NBS or NGS formats

GBE Collaborative Services Options and Costs


LITERATURE many be divided into a few groups:

  • Promotional: Glossy, promotional, aspirational and optimistic
    • Usually short on facts, lots of pictures
  • Technical: Facts and figures, diagrams, drawings, photos, explanations,
    • Product Data Sheets
    • Specifications
    • Method statements,
    • Calculators
    • CAD/BIM files
  • Website content:
    • Web Pages
    • PDF document
    • downloadable files
  • Third party:
    • Product H&S Data sheets, COSHH or CDM data sheets
    • Certificates,
    • Test reports,
    • Accreditations, Endorsements, Accolades,
    • LCA and EPD

When it comes to product information specification dissemination between manufacturer and specifier there are a number of otions to consider:

Manufacturer/Supplier provides LITERATURE with specification information within the text:

Manufacturers/Supplier provides PRODUCT DATA SHEET with specification information within the text:
  • A major step in the right direction
  • Often issued as PDF files (to prevent corruption of the information)
  • Specifiers will want to extract the information to paste into word processing
  • Copy and paste can lead to format changes and corruption of the information
  • Correcting the format, proof reading and correcting is time consuming and prone to error
  • Specifications are more than just product data and more work is needed by the specifier

Manufacturer/Supplier provides SPECIFICATION CLAUSES

GBE Product Data Sheet

GBE offer to review manufacturer’s literature to help with

  • Subdivision of information to seperate out Product Data Sheet content
  • Identify missing information essential to specification
  • Rationalise the information to enable easy conversion into specifications
  • Ensure the content is in the right ‘voice’ for specifiers (instruction rather than guidance)
  • Ensure any ‘jargon’ is explained, for the avoidance of doubt
  • Simplify to ensure use of plain English
  • Encourage promotion of important or unique properties and suggets appropriate wording
  • Ensure the information presented is as robust as possible
  • Identify the environmental properties that are not being promoted well or at all
  • Carryout a GreenWash check and offer better more accurate wording
  • Extract the facts from text into Product Data Collection Sheets
  • Automatically populate many schedules

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GBC Manufacturer Supplier Request V2 Product Data Template A15BRM300920

GBC Manufacturer Supplier Request V2 Product Data Template A15 BRM 300920 PNG

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