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GBE Product Data Collection Collaborate

GBE Product Data Collection Collaborate

Today, more than ever before, good Product Data is essential in the construction industry

  • In the world of Big Open Data the internet needs access to your information if you want to be noticed
  • Government has an ambition that all of its information is accessible on-line
  • In the world of every increasing demand for efficiency and speed of service, industry needs to join this ambition
  • Government also wants its procurement programme for buildings to be carried out using Building Information Management (BIM) Computer Aided Design (CAD) and this ambition is progressing along a route map having passed Level 2 early in 2016
  • Many BIM Object Libraries contain expensively produced 3D CAD models of manufacturer’s products, but many of them are often dumb, they lack ‘BInformationM’, attached to the ‘BIModel’, that is essential for the success of BIM
  • In the world of ‘Better Information Management’ (=BIM) your information needs to be organized in the same order and using a common language as every other piece of information by your equivalent competitors as they engage
  • As time progresses more BIM CAD Plug-in Applications (Apps) will be created that interrogate such information
  • Hiding your information inside PDFs excludes your information from such interrogation
  • PDFs on your website are closed to search engines and spiders so limit their search capacity
  • Everything needs to be in machine-readable text or tables in pages of your website

Green Building Encyclopaedia Product Data Collection (GBE PDC)

  • GBE interrogate your current information to extract the essence and copy it into a large schedule
  • Stripping out all the marketing, promotional language, any greenwash, stripped down to the bare facts and figures
  • making this information suitable for databases, for the world of Big Open Data and for BIM
  • As new product groups or applications enter the world of BIM new Product Data Templates need to be created for them; CIBSE and CPA are overlooking their development
  • GBE PDC will adopt more of these templates as they become available

1 GBE PDC schedule makes 35 GBE Product Data Tables

  • GBE PDC’s large schedule generates 35 Product Data Tables some with industry standard formats, specific purposes and applications, some developed for other GBE outputs
  • Tables (not Excel files) can be pasted into GBE Company, Product and other GBE Pages and/or your own website, so it or they are machine-readable by internet search engine robots and spiders
  • The same tables can be included in literature as hard copy or PDF but they are not read by internet spiders

How does GBE PDC & PDT help in the world of BIM?

  • GBE PDT outputs include BIM Product Data Templates (PDT)-ready & COBie PDT-ready
  • It’s a first step towards Better Information Management/Building Information Modeling (BIM) readiness
  • Example: Choose a BIM Product/Accessory/System Data Sheet as an output from the GBE PDC and add it to a GBE Product/Accessory/System Page
  • BIM4M2, an advisory body to manufacturers, recommend a high Level of Information (LoI) attached to low Level of Detail (LoD) BIM model, is enough to get your product included and specified in a BIM project, at current Level 2 or in an early project stage.
  • High LoD models can be large files, when they are embedded in project files they are computer memory hungry, requiring ever larger computers, slower to open, cumbersome to use and can overload the system.
  • Low LoD simple generic models can be created by designers and your high LoI can be attached to them
  • High LoI table are usually very small files and do not have the same impact on the Building Model or the computing power to open and edit it.
  • GBE PDC will provide a high LoI without the considerable expense of high LoD BIM CAD models.
  • BIM CAD model files can provide a higher LoD, but this is not essential initially in early stages of projects
  • As the BIM world matures GBE PDC will continue to evolve and GBE aims for it to be the target for Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) that keep track of Product Data Sheets (PDS) and BIM objects where ever they may reside
  • Joining in will enable your sales in Government funded work, as we progress beyond BIM Level 2 and 3
  • BIM Level 2 and 3 will roll out across projects, practices and engage with other than Government funded work.

And how does GBE PDC work outside of BIM?

  • Some smaller design practices will never engage with BIM, GBE PDC works there too.
  • Simple tables in website pages remain machine- or human-readable.
  • Simple tables in literature remain human-readable in PDFs and hard copy literature.
  • Simple tables in Word documents remain human-readable, accessible by copy and paste and editable in word processing, to add them to specifications, for example

How are GBE PDC schedule or tables used?

  • One of GBE’s manufacturer clients was doing very well in the Retrofit DIY market but wanted to engage the Speculative Housing Developer market to persuade them to proactively fit their system so home owners did not have to:
  • Having interrogated their literature it was clear to GBE that a GBE Robust Specification and a GBE Method Statement may help to provide the right information, with the right authority, in the right format to convince this sector to engage with them
  • The information required for both comes out of GBE Product Data Collection: Method Statement is a simple output, Robust Specification needs further development and formatting outside of the tables, to suit
  • Having carried out the GBE PDC, we also generated tables for the same manufacturer:
    • GBE Incubator Page, System Page, BIM System Data Sheets and PASS assessment
  • Other tables can be generated as the manufacturer sees their benefit

GBE PTC collects a lot of information

  • Currently GBE PTC has 1260 cells waiting to be populated with information about your company, suppliers, installers, product, accessories, system or service
  • Not all of the cells will apply to every product, and not all of which will have readily available answers yet
  • Typically 600 cells will be populated, others may not be applicable, multiple-choice questions will have choose one answer from many
  • Some of the information called for may not be available depending upon the evolutionary stage of the company and its services or the greenness of the companies ambitions
  • Currently they automatically feed 35 tables of information for different purposes (listed below)
  • GBE PTC is continually evolving as the BIM world develops and consolidates and as GBE develops more out-put tables and services.

GBE PDC collects lost of types of information

  • Your current information includes: Product Literature, Advertising, Websites content, Certificates, Video, CPD, etc.
  • GBE PDC collects product description, characteristics, performance or test evidence, specification information
  • Their order is planned to generate intelligent documents from the schedule via the tables
    • g. specification order, demand – supply chain, site sequence, etc.
  • The language used is: precise, succinct, factual, authoritative, truthful
  • Data collected is based on the manufacturer’s information or test evidence, edited by GBE for this purpose

GBE PDC data collection method

  • GBE read through your information in HTML pages, PDF or Word files, identify the ‘essence’,
  • Copy, paste it into Excel cells and edit to the right format and language
  • GBE have 40 years of searching for ‘specification essence’ from literature and have it down to a fine art

Collecting GBE PDC information takes time

  • 8-12 hours of GBE’s time if the information is readily available
  • Plus your proof-reading and GBE correcting/refining time
  • Plus anytime obtaining or creating information that is not yet at your fingertips
  • You can be selective about which tables you require and reduce the number of schedule cells that are to be populated

Generating 35 tables from the GBE PDC is quick

  • 1260 cells are populated in the collection schedule
  • Cells in the main collection schedule are dynamically hyper-linked to corresponding cells in the 35 tables
  • Corresponding cells in the tables are automatically populated instantly
  • Blank cells or rows in tables can be hidden to generate succinct tables in website pages or literature

What are the 35 output tables?

  • 0 Specification References,
  • 1 Images,
  • 2 About Product
  • GBE Incubator (Collaborate) G#899 N#919
  • 4 GBE PASS Product Accessory System Screening (Collaborate) G#515 N#533
  • 5 GBE HERACEY™ (Jargon Buster) G#1429 N#1399
  • 6 Manufacturer’s Files
  • 7 GBE Product Data Sheet (Collaborate) G#543 N#563
  • 8 BIM CAD Model (Collaborate) G#
  • 9 BIM Product Data Sheet (Collaborate) G#
  • 10 COBie Spreadsheet (Collaborate) G#
  • 11 GBE Robust Specification (Collaborate) G#541 N#561
  • 12 Application Data Sheet (Collaborate) G#
  • 13 Accessory Page (Collaborate) G#
  • 14 System Pages (Collaborate) G#
  • 15 Elemental Assemblies (Collaborate) G#
  • 16 Elemental Assembly Specification (Collaborate) G#
  • 17 Workmanship Specification (Collaborate) G#
  • 18 Waste Specification (Collaborate) G#
  • 19 FMSpec In-Use Maintenance Specification (Collaborate) G#
  • 20 GBE End of life (Collaborate) G#1787 N#1677
  • 21 GBE Product Passport (Collaborate) G#1098 N#1116
  • 22 See Also (20 GBE subtopics)
  • 23 GBE Echo (Collaborate) G#1064 N#1082
  • 24 LCA and EPD (Collaborate) G#
  • 25 GBE Classify (Collaborate) G#1479 N#1440
  • 26 Manufacturer Page (Collaborate) G#
  • 27 Supplier Page (Collaborate) G#
  • 28 Installer/Applicator Page (Collaborate) G#
  • 29 EAM Data
  • 30 Contact Details
  • 31 Company Page Schedule (Collaborate) G# GBE Page Schedules About G#1086 N#1104
  • 32 Product Page Schedule (Collaborate) G# GBE Page Schedules About G#1086 N#1104
  • 33 Accreditation certificates and labels
  • 34 GBE Method Statements (Collaborate) G#12677
  • 35 Total (0-34 above quick single undivided schedule)


  • £250 minimum if the information is readily to hand and no conflicting information is found
  • Up to £500 if the information is harder to obtain, needs a lot of double checking, edited or rewriting
  • Can be a lump sum or charged by the hour for a reduced scope service

What do the costs include?

  • Briefing process between manufacturer and GBE Product Data Collection writer
  • GBE PDC: finding online information, copy and past, creation, editing iterations and finalization time

What do the costs excluded?

  • Your time for negotiating scope, budget/price and instructing go ahead
  • Your time for information gathering and handover if the information is not in existence
  • Your proofreading, comment and our discussion times
  • Publishing on GBE website (£50/100/£150 for standard, enhanced or premium pages) depending on content required and documents uploaded to the pages (set up and annual renewal cost are the same)
  • Publishing on your website or including in your literature

Justifying the costs of GBE PDC

  • Information at hand for design decisions, selection and specification
  • Information sets for equations and calculators
  • Information at hand for equivalency comparisons and at specification substitution
  • Comprehensive but succinct information for Robust Specification or other document creation
  • Enables BIM PDT-ready and COBie PDT-ready file creation
  • Information sets for BIM Model Libraries and databases
  • Enabling low cost entry into BIM without the high cost of BIM CAD models
  • Enabling sales in Government project work
  • Enabling sales in non-Government BIM based project work

Using GBE or other BIM agency to collect and collate your information

  • Most BIM agencies focus on ‘BIModeling’ files
  • GBE PDC concentrate on ‘BInformationM’ files
  • GBE has its own readymade GBE PDC Template, which continues to be added to and refined from time to time
  • GBE collect company, product, accessory, system, application data to suit your product(s)
  • GBE identify and extract existing information, organise it, refine it, identify missing information and request it
  • GBE can get to the right end point because we are familiar with industry standard approaches
  • GBE can work fast and get to the end quickly
  • Not engaging GBE and using other agencies
  • GBE will minimize your time involved in getting the Product Data Collection created
  • GBE Product Data Collection outputs can be available via your representatives, on your and/or GBE websites, available to anybody at any time, not buried inside unsearchable software

GBE Product Data Collection Proposal 2017: Links to related documents:

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GBE Product Data Collection Collaborate

GBE Product Data Collection LSI RISE 2019 Slide

GBE Product Data Collection LSI RISE 2019 Slide

Examples of GBE PDC Output Tables: (converted to documents)

GBE Checklist K43 A04BRM151216 cover PNG

GBE Checklist K43 A04BRM151216 cover PNG

Product Data Sheet generated Method Statement LoftZone StoreFloors cover

Product Data Sheet generated Method Statement LoftZone StoreFloors cover

Robust Specification Work Section LoftZone StoreFloors cover PNG

Robust Specification Work Section LoftZone StoreFloors cover PNG

GBE Product Accessory System Screening

Product Data Sheet generated Product Accessory System Screening LoftZone StoreFloors Page 1 of 2

Product Data Sheet generated BIM Product Data Sheet LoftZone StoreFloors

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GBE Product Data Collection Collaborate
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