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GBE 3 Houses (Brainstorm)

Sustainable Building Advice To Construction Professionals

Green Building Encyclopaedia

Brian Murphy is an Architect by training, Specification Writer by choice, and who has dedicated his professional life to all things sustainable; appropriately, he has put his encyclopaedic knowledge to good use, creating, funding and authoring the Green Building Encyclopaedia which you can find at

In addition to establishing the single source for information about creating healthy, environmental and efficient buildings, Brian offers consultancy services to construction professionals, whether project-specific or more generally.

GBE 3 Houses (Brainstorm)

GBE Case Study

Brian recently visited Project Logistics Architecture Ltd in Derbyshire, to offer general advice, and to look at current projects; after the initial visit, further collaboration is continuing, helping PLA quickly and effectively work on live projects and improve their knowledge of sustainable materials and details.

Architect: Jillian Mitchell, MD, Project Logistics Architecture Ltd.

PLA’s office is based in one of their recent projects:

  • an office attached to the workshop of a large engineering company who sell, hire and maintain centrifuges
  • a great showcase of PLA’s lateral thinking and an enabler of subtle company culture-change

Jillian identified 3 ambitions for the day:

  • To consider Forms of Construction and materials/products,
  • To consider Building physics and appropriate material choices, and
  • To consider Drawing and Specification Strategy.

During the course of the day, we:

  • Discussed building physics and approaches to vapour permeability, vapour open/closed, hygroscopicity, moisture mass, decrement delay and appropriate material choices, products and manufacturers/suppliers on three projects:
  • Brainstormed healthy environmental, appropriate, competent and effective construction methods and material choices for those three projects.
  • Critiqued details and annotation on a set of design and working drawings.
  • Explored developing a Practice Specification for new houses, alterations and extensions (possibly) using NBS Scheduler and a specification template drawing.

Jillian says:

“Brian’s vast knowledge has helped us to be more confident in preparing more sustainable technical information for our Clients; we were able to find sources of further information and industry suppliers who can help us further. Knowing that we are improving our standard drawing templates and specifications means we can spend more time on designing and detailing our buildings. We are really excited to be able to work with Brian, having his expertise as an extension to our small Practice, and adding credibility to our projects.”

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3rd December 2015 – 22nd December 2016

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