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GBE Literature Audit Collaborate

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GBE Literature Audit Collaborate

Manufacturers and Suppliers Literature

many be divided into a few groups:

  • Promotional:
    • Glossy, promotional, aspirational and optimistic
    • Usually short on facts, lots of pictures
    • Promotional Video
    • Written by marketeers
  • Technical: Facts and figures, diagrams, drawings, photos, explanations,
    • Products Technical Literature
    • Specifications
    • Method Statements,
    • Calculators
    • CAD/BIM files
    • Installation Instructions
    • CPD seminars
    • Installation Videos
  • Website content:
    • Web Pages
    • PDF document
    • Downloadable files
  • Third party:
    • Product H&S Data sheets, COSHH or CDM data sheets
    • Certificates,
    • Test reports,
    • Accreditations, Endorsements, Accolades,
    • LCA and EPD

Information Dissemination

When it comes to product information specification dissemination between manufacturer and specifier there are a number of options to consider:

Manufacturer/Supplier provides Literature with specification information within the text:

  • Promotional literature is usually wordy, promotional, optimistic, guidance,
  • Written by marketeers and prone to GreenWash
  • Specification format should be succinct, detailed, instructional (not guidance)
  • Translation from guidance to instruction is prone to interpretation and error
  • Specifiers have to read, identify and extract the relevant information to create their specification
  • Architects find specification writing a chore they would rather not do (a generalisation)

Product Data Sheets (PDS)

Manufacturers/Supplier provides Product Data Sheet with specification information within the text:
  • A major step in the right direction
  • Often issued as PDF files (to prevent corruption of the information)
  • Specifiers will want to extract the information to paste into word processing
  • Copy and paste can lead to format changes and corruption of the information
  • Correcting the format, proof reading and correcting is time consuming and prone to error
  • Specifications are more than just product data and more work is needed by the specifier

Product Specifications

Manufacturer/Supplier provides Specification Clauses:

  • A major step in the right direction
  • They will know their own products, intended purpose and appropriate applications
  • They can write the specification from their perspective, to help the specifiers
  • Avoids the risk of interpretation by many, by carrying it out once
  • There is a risk that this may remain guidance and not instruction
  • This may not be robust enough to help prevent substitution

GBE Collaborative Services

GBE Literature Audit

GBE offer to review Literature

  • Subdivision of information to separate
    • Promotional and Technical
    • Theory and Product
    • Specification and Method statement
    • H&S Data Sheet
    • Product Data Sheet
  • Identify missing information essential to specification
  • Identify the environmental properties that are not being promoted well or at all
  • Carryout a GreenWash check and identify inaccurate wording
  • Review the quantity and quality of non-text information:
    • Diagrams, drawings, charts, tables, photos, cartoons, etc.

GBE Literature Edit

GBE offer to edit, correct, rewrite Literature

  • Rationalise the information to enable easy conversion into specifications
  • Ensure the content is in the right ‘language’ for specifiers
  • Ensure any ‘jargon’ is explained, for the avoidance of doubt
  • Simplify to ensure use of plain English
  • Encourage promotion of important or unique properties and suggest appropriate wording
  • Ensure the information presented is as robust as possible
  • Replace GreenWash and offer better more accurate wording
  • Extract the facts from text into tables (or duplicate, with care)

GBE Specification Audit

  • Check for consistency with literature, certificates, tests or visa versa
  • Check the language and format for consistency with NBS
  • Check for missing vital information
  • Check for missing environmental information

GBE Specification Edit

  • Ensure consistency with literature or visa versa
  • Ensure specifications are in the right ‘format and language’ to include in contract specifications
  • Ensure specifications are Robust to defend against substitution
  • Ensure vital and environmental information is included
  • Ensure the reason for choosing it is in the specification

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20th March 2013 – 1st November 2020

GBE Literature Audit Collaborate

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Fig. 1 Sample GBE Literature Audit Page 1
NGS LitAudit Ecocem P4 png
Fig. 2 Sample GBE Literature Audit Page 4

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
20th March 2013 – 1st November 2020

GBE Literature Audit Collaborate
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GBE Literature Edit

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GBE Literature Audit (Collaborate) G#738 N#760 End

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