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GBE Manufacturer/Supplier Services Update

GBE Manufacturer/Supplier Services Update

GBE is here to serve designers and specifiers, in order to do that we need the support of manufacturers to provide the information that the designers and specifiers need.

Website content and promotional literature is usually a mixture of promotional and technical information that takes time to assimilate into designs and convert into specifications.

GBE extracts the essence of this product information to make the most it and turn it into:

GBE Product Page: linking all the parts: Manufacturer, Suppliers, Installers, GBE LitAudit, GBE PASS, GBE MASS, GBE Echo, GBE Product Data Sheet, GBE Product Passport, GBE Outline and GBE Robust Specification, GBE BEST, GBE BEACoN, GBE DoRR.

  • GBE Echo Manufacturer’s Self Declaration G#1064 N#1082 confirmed by GBE as Independent 3rd Party
  • GBE PASS Product Accessory System Screening G#515 N#533 which endorses products and informs the content of:
  • GBE Product Pages G#529 N#549 which can contain many of the following download files:
  • GBE Outline Specification (OS)
  • GBE Product Data Sheet (PDS) G#543 N#563
  • GBE Product Passport (PP) G#1098 N#1116
  • GBE Robust Specification Clauses (RSC) G#541 N#561
  • GBE Robust Specification Work Section (RSWS) G#541 N#561
  • GBS Green Building Specification (GBS) G#637 N#659 Preliminaries and work sections without manufacturers products clauses
  • GBE BEST Building Element Sustainability Test G#515 N#533 which informs:
  • GBE CAD Computer Aided Drawing G#556 N#576 2D & 3D modelling of Products and Construction used by GBE BIM with GBE Robust Specification and CAP’EM LCA or EPD data
  • GBE CAD BIM files (Collaborate) G#475 N#481 Building Information Modelling 3D CAD models to which BIM Product Data Sheet can be attached
  • GBE BIM Product Data Sheet generated from BIM Product Data Templates
  • CAPEM LCA G#542 N#562 Life Cycle Assessment used by GBE BIM G#452 N#458 summarised in CAPEM EPD
  • CAPEM EPD G#542 N#562 Environmental Product Declaration the report from CAPEM LCA
  • Product improvement Opportunities in CAPEM Marginal Analysis and GBE DeTOX
  • GBE Product Database All of the above information will be collected into a single searchable database
  • GBE Library will be assembled with manufacturers current promotional and technical literature, certificates etc.
  • GBE CPD a collection of the first over 1000 seminars on sustainable construction, materials, methods, specification, procurement, professional practice to which manufacturer’s CPD will be added.
  • GBE LitAudit Literature Audits increasingly manufacturers promotional literature strays into Greenwash, we offer a service to review literature to avoid these problems.
  • GBE LitEdits Literature Edits to rewrite the Greenwash to more robust statements.
  • GBE Marketing taking the Literature Audits a stage further we advise manufacturers how to promote the environmental characteristics without straying into Greenwash.
  • GBE Live topical seminar events with corresponding topical exhibitions
  • GBE Services Costs
  • GBE Templates

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd December 2013 – 28th December 2016

GBE Manufacturer/Supplier Services Update
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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd December 2013 – 28th December 2016

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