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CAPEM Marketing Guide Cover

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GBE Marketing

GBE Marketing

  • GBE LitAudit Literature Audits helps to avoid claims of GreenWash in any promotional literature, advertising and website content.
  • GBE Marketing helps identify and promote environmental properties of products without entering the world of Greenwash
  • GBE Library is an online resource for specifiers to find the products that GBE has assessed as GreenWash-free and having an environmental advantage over products in the same group
  • GBE Marketing is aimed at the Micro Enterprises and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

GBE’s own marketing campaign

  • GBE will undergo a major transformation during Spring of 2015
  • There will be an opportunity to watch it unfold and work out how well it did
  • There will be a running commentary as it moves forwards and a self critique to analyse what worked and did not.
  • Part of the ambition is to secure funding to match EU grant funding.
  • This will be developed into new website, database, software and services.

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GBE Marketing

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Fig. 1 Cover of CAPEM project marketing guide

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GBE Marketing
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GBE Disciplines

GBE Collaborator Services

  • GBE Compare Group Comparison
  • GBE Echo Echoing Manufacturer’s Self Declaration
  • GBE DoRR
  • GBE LitAudit Literature Audits
  • GBE LitEdit Literature Edits
  • GBE Marketing
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GBE Jargon Buster

  • DoRR
  • Echo
  • LitAudit
  • SME
  • PASS
  • Declaration of Reach Regulations (DoRR)
  • GreenWash
  • GBE LitAudit Literature Audits
  • GBE Echo
  • GBE DoRR
  • GBE Compare Product Group Comparison
  • Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • Specification Sales

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