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GBE Product Page

GBE Product Page

GBE Product Page

GBE Product Page is a collaborative service offered by GBE to manufacturer, suppliers or installers of construction products

GBE Product Page brings together in one place many pieces of information required for many purposes by many players in the design and construction processes:

  • Manufacturers Information (GBE MDS)
  • Product Information (GBE PDS)
  • Certificates and Labels
  • Specification Information (GBS Specification)
  • Drawing Information (GBE CAD)
  • BInformationM (GBE BIM CAD & GBE BIM PDS)
  • Construction & Workmanship Information (GBS Specification)
  • Waste Information (GBE SWMP & GBE REMP)
  • Facilities Management Information (COBie & GBS FMSpec)
  • Eng of Life Information (GBE Project Passport)

Not all of the information sets will be present in an one GBE Product Page for a number of reasons

  • The information does not exist
  • The GBE have not yet contacted the manufacturer to consider adding the information to GBE website


GBE identifies and endorses green building materials, products, accessories, systems and services using GBE PASS Products Accessories Systems Screening

GBE website includes a directory of endorsed products along with supporting environmental and specification data.

Products are assessed with GBE PASS, GBE Civ or GBE Serve and successful products are entered into a n GBE Product Page and published online, with that information including:

  • An introductory text written by the manufacturer/supplier promoting the properties of the product
  • Product, application and installed images
  • A schedule of essential qualification metrics
  • Downloadable product information documents
  • Manufacturer’s website and other contact details
  • Supply chain contact details
  • Enquiry facility for more information and prices

GBE Classification Index

  • GBE GBE Product Pages are accessible through CAWS & UNICLASS classification index;
  • To be found by internal site searches, listed and linked to avoid need for searches
  • To be found by external search engines e.g. Google

GBE Global Users:

  • 18/09/2015: NGS website is closed, long live GBE G#2748
  • We do not yet have any statistics from GBE website
  • NGS’s focus is UK construction methods and products available in or from the UK; our activities extend into EU mainland and we are influenced by our involvement in project and by their partners.
  • NGS’s audience is worldwide, predominantly english reading countries or individuals.

GBE Webstats

GBE Document Download statistics

  • 18/09/2015: NGS website is closed, long live GBE G#2748
  • We can provide document download statistics for equivalent organisations
  • We can provide statistics once pages are established with files
  • Once established your GBE Product Page’s Download statistics will be provided to demonstrate the success of the page.

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GBE Product Page

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GBE Product Page Collaborative Service

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GBE Product Page


Manufacturers Literature

GBE Product Data Sheet

PDT CableLadderSystem

BIM Product Data Sheet


GBE COBie Spreadsheet Summary


GBE LCA results


GBE EPD EN 15804 Output table


GBE Webstats One Manufacturer’s Document Downloads

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GBE Product Page
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