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Features Benefits Robust Specification Template (RST) (Collaborate) G#12588

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Features Benefits Robust Specification Templates RST Collaborate

Features Benefits Robust Specification Templates RST Collaborate

Legend: F = Features, B = Benefits

  • F Being customer service focused helps to build stronger longer lasting relationships with your customers
    • F Robust Specification/Templates maybe an essential part of your service
    • B Offering a comprehensive service makes life easy for specifiers wanting to use your products
    • B Being able to respond immediately to information requests is commonplace and expected from all
    • B Improves the total experience with your company and product, for all parties, encouraging future business
  • F Any Robust Specification
    • F Gathers together the essence of your products, extracted from literature, certificates, websites, advertising
    • F Assembles the information in a logical order
      • B Ensure consistency with industry standard approaches
    • F Carried out once by the manufacturer
      • B Saves many designer/specifiers hours of specification writing
      • B Saves specifier’s time finding the information to manually complete a clause in their contract specification
      • B Allows designer/specifiers choosing your product to easily include clauses into contract specifications
    • F Includes pre-completed fixed and/or optional values into clauses for different models in your product range
      • B Allow confident specifiers to complete a specification for your products without your representative’s help
      • B Manufacturers specification sales team may not be available immediately
    • F Should be made available via website(s)
      • B Allow specifiers working all night or weekends 24/7/356 access to specifications to allow then to go to tender urgently
    • F Tells all parties at all stages all the information they need to know
      • B Avoids endless calls from all parties asking for more information or asking questions
    • F Includes all manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements in the specification
      • B Avoids delays waiting for sight of manufacturers literature
      • B Avoids the need to refer to the manufacturer or their representative
    • F Multiple Product Manufacturers need Robust Specifications:
      • F Declare variable properties to allow correct selection
        • B To enable product differentiation
        • B To ensure correct choice
      • F Client customization:
        • F Bespoke variation opportunities can be indicated
          • B All possibilities, options and alternatives can be clearly defined
  • F Robust Specification Work Sections (RSWS)
    • F Merge together all of the following into one well structured document:
      • F Robust Product, Component or Accessory Specification
        • e.g. Brick or block
        • e.g. Airtightness membrane or Airtightness tape
      • F Robust System and Sub-system Specification
        • e.g. Brickwork including mortar
        • e.g. External insulated render including all thermal break and perimeter accessories
        • e.g. Wall airtightness membrane with service penetration, joint and perimeter seals
      • F Robust Detail Specification
        • e.g. Junction between wall and roof airtightness membranes
        • e.g. Thermal bridge threshold to External Insulated Render
      • F Robust Element Specification
        • e.g. Wall Panels with external cladding and internal linings and finishes
        • e.g. Panels, Modules, Pods
      • F Robust Whole Building Specification
        • e.g. Complete buildings excluding foundations
        • e.g. Complete building including fitted furniture
    • F Cross reference between Product, Component, Accessory, System, Sub-system, Detail, Element and Whole Building Specification clauses
      • B Reduces repetition
      • B Ensures complimentary clauses are easily found
  • F Robust Specification Product, Component or Accessory Clause:
    • F Declare your product’s performances
      • B Available for designer/specifier’s consideration, choice and inclusion in projects
      • B Include the reason why they chose your product in the first place
      • B Highlight the exceptional characteristics of your product to meet performance requirements
      • B Enable comparison with ‘or equivalent’ products and survive in Specification
      • B Help defend your product in Specification Substitution
      • B Enable dismissal of ‘or similar’ inferior products by comparing properties in your Robust Specification and their literature
    • F Describe the multifunctional characteristics that helped Value Engineer your product into a project
      • B Help defend your product in Value Engineering exercises
  • F Robust System or Sub-system Specifications:
    • F Bring together Product (or Component) and Accessory specifications
      • B To make Robust System specifications
    • F Describe ingredients, recipes, build ups, locational order and sequences
      • B Helps avoid mistakes on site
      • B Enable all parties to know what is required
      • B Ensure no components are missing
  • F Robust Detail Specifications:
    • F Describes details at junctions between elements or sub-elements, systems or sub-systems
      • B Competent junctions make competent buildings
    • F Allows dissemination of many individual detail specifications
      • B Avoiding specifiers having to editing down whole work sections with many product, accessory, system, element and whole building specification clauses to delete
  • F Robust Elemental Specifications
    • F Include all of the competent Robust Product or Components Specifications in the appropriate order
      • B To make effective Elements
      • B Compatible with Elemental Performance requirements in Building Regulation
      • B Compatible with Elemental cost data
      • B Compatible with Elemental Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
      • B Compatible with BIM Ready Elemental models
  • F Robust Whole Building Specifications:
    • F Join up robust elements to make robust whole buildings
    • F Includes all of the Robust Element Specification
      • B Makes sure all the junctions are assembled, joined, fixed, proofed, finished and work competently

Green Building Specification Robust Specification Opportunities

  • F Acceptance and disclosure of selection criteria by Green Building Encyclopaedia
    • B Provides users with confidence that the product has some HERACEY™ Criteria
    • B Provides a level of transparency that is increasingly demanded by a discerning audience
  • F Marketing of GBE Readymade Robust Specification to potential designers/specifiers
    • B Allows them to add them to their lists of products to consider
  • F Presence on website
    • F Promotion in GBE Newsletter
      • B Currently reaching >900 practices >1900 total readers
    • F Promotion via Pinterest and Social Media campaign
      • B Reaching a much wider audience via followers and lists

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Features Benefits Robust Specification Templates RST Collaborate


GBE Features+Benefits RST Specifications 080816

GBE Features+Benefits RST Specifications 080816 PDF

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aka BrianSpecMan
8th August 2016 – 16th August 2018

Features Benefits Robust Specification Templates RST Collaborate
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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
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