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GBE Specification Writing CPD Lectures Training Coaching

GBE Specification Writing CPD Lectures Training Coaching

I am always interested in passing on some of my Specification writing experience

Procurement methods & Specification Approaches

I have specified to every procurement method used in the UK and have worked out the best content (e.g. performance or prescriptive, with or without workmanship), and best way to structure specifications with each project and each practice.
I prepare Materials-only no-workmanship specification for Design & Build D&B but with Performance Specifications and Preliminaries to control the D&B Contractor.
Some will have Elemental Assembly and Elemental Performance clauses cross referencing to Materials and Products.

CPD About Specification Writing

I have many ready made seminars on specification practices (at least 20 Hours of material)
Some CPD and Trainings are listed and linked from here:
You can open the PDFs to see the show
Whilst you can see the whole seminars there, a live presentation with Q&A will always be much better if you want real well through out solutions bespoke to your practice.

Specification Strategy Workshops

There is often a need to discuss the practice needs and propose solutions, this could be with Senior Associates/Partners/Directors
But I know how hard that is to make happen.
So it may be better to discuss with Senior Associates who then speak to Partners with their conclusions, at those special meetings

Specification CPD

I also run Lunchtime CPD Seminars, Half and Whole day workshops
I ran a day long Workshop with a Bristol Quantity Surveyors on specification practices a few years ago.

Specification Training

I have also run Training half and whole day sessions to introduce NBS Binder and Disk Service or NBS Building
I also critique NBS Software and promote ways to be more efficient with specification generation using Office Templates in NBS Building


I travel by train from East of England and can be in many offices by 9.00 am if required
Rail fares at cost for a whole or half day or a Lunchtime CPD
Advance ticket discounts where available for a lunchtime or afternoon sessions


For a ready made seminar (updated before each presentation)
£125 + Fares for Lunchtime CPD
£250 + Fares for Half a day
£350 + Fares for a whole day


For a bespoke training developed to your brief
£250+£350+Fare for 1 day preparation and half day training
£500+£500+Fare for 2 days preparation and a 1 day training.
Maximum 10 people at a time


I also do a half day introduction to NBS Building followed by 1 to 1 training/coaching in NBS Software

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18th April 2017

GBE Specification Writing CPD Lectures Training Coaching
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18th April 2017

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