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Site Waste Management Plan SWMP Workshops

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Site Waste Management Plan SWMP Workshops

SWMP Scope:

SWMP Development:

Past Recipients:

BrianSpecMan has developed and delivered Site Waste Management Plan workshops and seminars with and for:

  • UKCEED, CE, EA, Envirowise, BRE, WRAP, Kier, Simons,
  • Membership Groups: SECBE, EMCBE;
  • Consultants: Responsible Solutions (to 5 main contractors and their supply chain partners)
  • Local Authority: Brighton&Hove CC, Gateshead CC; DWF DirectWorkForce,
  • Contractors: Lovells, Wates;
  • Practice CPD: PDP,
  • Project teams: BDP, Manchester City Centre, St Davids Visitors Centre

Satisfied Customer’s Feedback:

  • Kier

News: 13/12/2013

Site Waste Management Plans: A Necessary Burden

Following a comprehensive government review of 21,000 regulations on different themes, DEFRA have indicated that Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) will no longer be compulsory for construction projects in England. The deregulation is currently expected by October 2013.

In the Red Tape Challenge – Environment Theme Proposals issued in March 2012, DEFRA state “You told us to remove Site Waste Management Plans Regulations because they force companies to spend time and money estimating their waste production when they could be reducing waste through more effective activities, such as training employees”

It is unclear how a client or contractor can actually provide useful training to their employees or implement “more effective activities” without having first understood their waste streams type, quantities, and sources.

…read more

KLH Systainability
13th June 2013

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
20th December 2012 – 16th July 2019

Site Waste Management Plan SWMP Workshops


Fig. 1 Design to Reduce Waste (TGR SBS Workshop)


Fig. 2 Waste Hierarchy: In Refurbishment


Fig. 3 Waste Segregation in Refurbishment


Fig. 4 Waste Skip Images


Fig. 5 Waste & Consolidation Centres


Fig. 6 Waste Cost Diagrams: Kier Event


Fig. 7 Waste Containers & Collection


Fig. 8 Waste Colour Code & Labels


Fig. 9 Design to Reduce waste

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
2012 – 17th November 2013 – 16th July 2019

Site Waste Management Plan SWMP Workshops
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  • APP AREWM Appendix: Approaches to Resource Efficiency & Waste Minimisation
  • APP ASR Appendix: Architectural Salvage Recovery
  • APP EWC Appendix: European Waste Catalogue
  • APP FFEI Appendix: Furniture, Fittings, Equipment
  • APP WEEE Appendix: IT Salvage & Reuse
  • APP LDN Appendix: Logistics Distribution Network
  • APP MEW Appendix: Material Exchange Websites
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  • APP SDOE Appendix: Site & Design Office Expendables
  • APP SPDQ Appendix: Schedule of Pre-demolition/Alteration Quantities
  • APP SWMP Appendix: Site Waste Management Plan Checklist & Datasheets
  • APP TBS Appendix: Take Back Schemes


  • WRAP (No longer Construction focus)
  • Aggregain (No longer)
  • BRE
  • Material Exchange
  • Salvo MIE
  • Salvo
  • UKCEED (no longer)

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
20th December 2012 – 16th July 2019

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