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Sustainable Rail UN SDG (Brain Dump) G#39377

UN SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Rail UN SDG Brain Dump

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Sustainable Rail UN SDG Brain Dump

Greening Infrastructure

Green Building Encyclopaedia

Greening Infrastructure

  • in the context of UK Sustainable Rail & Post-COVID

Legislative Context:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Employee Right Act Section 44
  • The Good Work Plan launched 6th April 2020
  • Your Standards > Your Expectations > Policy > Procedure
  • ‘Fix the roof whilst the sun shines’


1 No poverty

  • No COVID pay reductions, maintain hours per week
  • 37.5 hours/week is not Schedule D, not Self employment, it is employment
  • PAYE, Guaranteed working week, Insurance included, Pension included
  • Overtime should be paid for, to keep the staff and business effective
  • Enable staff to gladly do overtime when offered
  • Payment and/or time off in lieu of overtime

2 Zero Hunger

  • Fairtrade drinks and food available via all franchises in station and on trains
  • Time for food and drink

3 Good health and wellbeing

  • Remind staff of H&W measures in place
  • Healthy building materials, Good Indoor Air Quality, Good ventilation
  • Overheating kitchens on trains, and in stations?
  • Good healthy interior finishes and furniture specification
  • Good Lighting quality, task specific lighting, lighting nutrition,
  • Limit sunlight glare, limit sunlight overheating, maintain good daylight and provide views
  • Monitor clarity, glare-free, reflection-free, colour saturation, contrasts,
  • Stress free work, Biophilia in interiors
  • Normal hours allow staff to have a rich and fulfilling well rounded life and remain a productive member of staff
    • Stress free working week
    • Expect staff to follow 37.5 hour week
    • Work-life balance
  • Insurance encouraged health and wellbeing
    • Encourage recreation engagement
    • Encouraging walking, running or cycling to work
    • Avoiding use of lifts, use the stairs
    • Smoking cease-ation programme
    • Reduction in alcoholism
    • Loss of Drug and Alcoholism monitoring
  • Work at/from Home?
    • COVID-Secure readiness See later
  • Returning to Office Working?
    • COVID-Secure readiness See later
  • Health & Wellbeing design standards
    • WELL
    • Fitwell
    • Ska Fit-out and refit Environmental Assessment Method
    • BREEAM Environmental Assessment Method
      • Building Fabric: Green Guide to Specification
    • SusStation Interreg Project completed 2012

4 Quality Education

  • Support Education Declare campaign
  • Do not allow Universities to expect free lectures and studio
  • Reflect the UN SDG, Reflect the Environment and Biodiversity Crisis, Reflect the state of the industry, Reflect the job,
  • Apprenticeships

5 Gender Equality

  • Equal pay for equal job
  • Equal opportunities in business hierarchy
  • Flexible hours for all
  • Provide appropriate facilities/services

6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • By default? From mains supply
  • Avoiding bottled water in offices
    • Avoid bottled water dispensers
    • Retailed water in bottles
      • Source from local bottled water springs
      • Minimise water miles
    • Provide free to use refill taps in all premises and trains
  • Multi-source taps
    • Chilled water on tap
    • Hot water on tap
    • Boiled water on tap
    • Filtered water on tap
    • Softened water on tap
    • Proximity detection multi-head tap
  • Avoiding excess water usage in premises
    • Low basin flow taps
    • Low Dual Flush WC
    • Low flow cyclist showers with waste heat recycling
    • Proximity/voice actuation taps/flush

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

  • 100% Green tariff, generated off site, delivered via mains
    • Dispersed energy production
    • Along track, close to track
    • PVs along track and on trains
    • Redundancy use which is available: wind, solar, mains, others
  • PVs on roof or in grounds, or along tracks?
    • Inverters waste energy and generate heat to make AC electricity
    • Low voltage DC circuit for ITC before exporting to mains
    • New low voltage cables to kit
    • Continue with Robust switch labelling to minimise unused kit left on

8 Decent Work and Economic growth

  • Decent Work (See 1 Poverty)
    • Engaging with Environmental and Biodiversity Emergency/Crisis
    • Positive work supporting wellbeing
  • Economic Growth (within 1 planet boundary)
    • Growth but not at the expense of others
    • UK growth on one planet means somebody else has to shrink

9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Adopt MMC only if it offers complete competency to meet the whole performance necessity
  • Stay up to date with developments in all areas
    • Strive to be up to date
  • Adopt latest tech as long as it improves stuff
  • Encourage Innovation within business
  • Choose to support Offsite renewables to enable them to invest in more
    • Green tariff electrical supply
  • Generate on-site renewables along tracks and in yards
    • Feed in tariff to supply into infrastructure
  • Internet of things
    • Remotely controlled kit
    • Intelligent kit that knows to be off if nobody present

10 Reduced Inequalities

  • (See 5 Gender Equality)
  • The right project briefs
  • Doing the right things for communities not just profits for developers
  • No re-gentrification at the expense of local community

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Joined up transport
    • Make it really easy to use a bus not a taxi
    • Increase Bicycles carried on trains and Busses
  • Sustainable Outputs not Sustainable Business
    • The right clients
    • The right projects
    • The right interactions
  • Respect for the context
    • No re-gentrification at the expense of local community
    • Make use of railway lands to build commuter accommodation????

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Contracts that drive down waste
  • Office Lighting controls: off when not in use
  • Platform lighting controls: off when not in use
  • Specification choices
    • Responsible Sourcing
    • Chain of custody
    • Low chemistry, energy, plastics, Petro-chemical, hydro-carbon, synthetic materials
    • Low intensity manufacturing
  • Design Choices
    • Resource Efficiency, minimal waste
    • Design for manufacturing, assembly, adaptation, disassembly, reclaim, storage, reassembly
    • Office Furniture & Equipment
    • Retail Furniture & Equipment
    • Train fit out Furniture & Equipment
    • Churn Storage
  • Remanufacturing

13 Climate Action

Choice of materials

    • Choice of low carbon, low emissions materials
    • Low LCA EPD materials
      • number crunching of office and retail Interiors
    • Reclaimed and reused Furniture
  • Carbon sequestration
    • Bio-based furniture
    • Bio-based Construction choices
    • Carbonation in manufacturing processes
      • Aggregates
  • Net gain Biodiversity not at the expense of the existing
    • No clear felling
    • No ignoring biodiversity
    • No Ancient Forests felling
    • No SSSI clearing
    • No Wild life Loss
    • Biodiversity Net gain but not at loss of existing mature biodiversity
    • HS2 has failed miserably, criminally, probably contractually, unless the contract was bad or too lenient.
    • But it is the UK Boris Government, so everything goes, no questions asked.

14 Life below water

  • Plant based cleaning liquids
    • Avoiding chemistry and hazardous liquids and other materials, everything
  • Avoiding use of plastic materials, everything
    • Minimise plastics and other packaging
    • Waste segregation to avoid plastics entering waste streams
    • Avoidance of plastics in Specification
  • Design to reduce off-cutting
    • Avoidance of cutting plastics with saw and hot wire
    • Purposeful cleaning up of plastic sawdust
  • Look after the existing and improve biodiversity
    • Compatible material choices

15 Life on land (and in the air)

  • Avoiding use of plastic and chemistry and hazardous materials everything
    • Minimise plastics and other packaging
  • Waste segregation to avoid plastics entering waste streams
  • Avoidance of plastics in Specification
  • Design to reduce off-cutting
    • Avoidance of cutting plastics with saw and hot wire
    • Purposeful cleaning up of plastic sawdust
  • Look after the existing and improve ‘Net gain’ biodiversity

16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • (See 4 Quality Education)
  • Drive Institutions to do better in every way
  • Strive for better competent test and accreditation houses
  • Do your own Due Diligence on product certification

17 Partnerships for Goals

  • Join UKGBC Whole Life Carbon Roadmap project
  • Only work with others that are aligned with your interpretations or developments of UN SDG
  • Avoid working in silos
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Work with the local community to help them get what they need
  • Demand and Supply chains that work well
    • Avoiding Silo thinking
    • Joined up contracts

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