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GBE Cycling (Q+A) G#25527

GBE Cycling Q+A

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GBE Cycling Q+A

Q: Are you a parent or grandparent in hashtagPeterborough, [replace your own Town name here] who drives and doesn’t cycle.

Q: I’ve got a question for you ….. why not?

Q: See the Video for the Question

A: Yes I am a Grandparent but no I am a cyclist, bus, train, underground rider (by choice) and a pedestrian and driver (by necessity)

A: Other cycling benefits:

  • Less car drivers = less congestion and less idling and driving exhaust pollution
    • GBE: We have not reached Holland’s level of cycling in Peterborough yet
      • GBE: One loud councillor think bikes are dangerous so we cannot go to the high street
    • GBE: We have got our own GreenWheel part of the National Cycle Network
      • GBE: It has a few broken, missing and buckled spokes and no hub
    • GBE: But stick to the cycleways for less pollution
    • GBE: Get to work or town quicker along heavily congested Oundle Road or Thorpe Road
  • It’s a more social form of transport, you actually say “Hello” to other cyclists and pedestrians.
    • GBE: And just occasionally veer around or fend off dogs!
    • GBE: And more hazardous when prats use high powered bright white LEDs glaring straight into your face leaving you blind as they approach
  • Less wear and tear on roads = Councils can spend less on road repairs and MORE on Social Care and  Education.
    • GBE: Just need the occasional broken glass to be cleaned up quickly
  • Cost of owning a bike vs a car, saves you thousands a year.
    • GBE: Unless you have both, but less fuel costs, if you use both
  • Prompts you to use trains, buses and taxis, for “tricky” journeys, thus helping support other workers and the local economy.
    • GBE: ‘wet weather’ can be tricky!
  • You get to see sights of hashtagPeterborough, you just don’t see when in a car.
    • GBE: 200 bat flypasts in one single ride along the 1 km rowing lake
    • GBE: enjoy the blue glow of PV cats eyes away from street lighting
  • More cyclists = increased safety and reduced crime on local cycleways.
  • Health wise = Better cardiovascular fitness, decreased stress levels, strengthened bones, improved posture and coordination.
    • GBE: But stick to the cycleways for less pollution
  • School kids cycling to school, rather than in the car, are more switched on and more alert.

Inspired by: Darren Fower B.A (Hons) 1st degree connectionPostie; Trade Unionist; City Councillor; Ex Governor; Campaigner; Republican; Activist

GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
8th August 2019

GBE Cycling Q+A

Darren Fowler Local Cyclist

Darren Fower Local Cyclist

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan BRM @ Build4 CAPEM Showroom

BrianSpecMan Local Cyclist

City Transport Strategies Diagram

City Transport Strategies Diagram

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
8th August 2019

GBE Cycling Q+A
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8th August 2019

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