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H Claddings Coverings (Checklist) G#1735 N#1635

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H Claddings Coverings (Checklist)

H Claddings Coverings (Checklist)

H1 Glazed Cladding/Covering

H2 Sheet/Board Cladding

H3 Profiled/Flat Sheet Cladding/Covering

  • H30 Fibre Cement Profiled Sheet Cladding/Covering
  • H31 Metal Profiled/Flat Sheet Cladding/Covering
  • H32 Plastics Profiled Sheet Cladding/Covering
  • H33 Bitumen And Fibre Profiled Sheet Cladding/Covering

H4 Panel Cladding

  • H40 Glass Reinforced Cement Panel Cladding/Features
  • H41 Glass Reinforced Plastics Panel Cladding/Features
  • H42 Precast Concrete Panel Cladding/Features
  • H43 Metal Panel Cladding/Features
  • H49 Vitreous Enamel Panels

H5 Slab Cladding

  • H50 Precast Concrete Slab Cladding/Features
  • H51 Natural Stone Slab Cladding/Features
  • H52 Cast Stone Slab Cladding/Features

H6 Slate/Tile Cladding/Covering

  • H60 Plain Roof Tiling
  • H61 Fibre Cement Slating
  • H62 Natural Slating
  • H63 Reconstructed Stone Slating/Tiling
  • H64 Timber Shingling
  • H65 Single Lap Roof Tiling
  • H66 Bituminous Felt Shingling
  • H67 Recycled Rubber Slating/Tiling

H7 Malleable Sheet Coverings/Cladding

  • H70 Malleable Metal Sheet Pre-Bonded Coverings/Claddings
  • H71 Lead Sheet Coverings/Flashings
  • H72 Aluminium Sheet Coverings/Flashings
  • H73 Copper Strip/Sheet Coverings/Flashings
  • H74 Zinc Strip/Sheet Coverings/Flashings
  • H75 Stainless Steel Strip/Sheet Coverings/Flashings
  • H76 Fibre Bitumen Thermoplastic Sheet Coverings/Flashings

H9 Other Cladding/Covering

  • H90 Tensile Fabric Coverings
  • H91 Thatch Roofing
  • H92 Rainscreen Cladding/Overcladding

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H Claddings Coverings (Checklist)

LSBU Keyworth Front

LSBU Keyworth Front

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H Claddings Coverings (Checklist)
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Classification: CAWS (Specification)

GBE Jargon Buster


  • H10
  • H11
  • H13
  • H21
  • Z11
  • Z11.0
  • Z11.1
  • Z11.2
  • Z11.3
  • Z11.4
  • Z30
  • Z31
  • Z32
  • Z33
Names and Phrases
  • Curtain Walling (H11)
  • Patent Glazing (H10)
  • Purpose Made Metalwork: Generally (Z11.0)
  • Purpose Made Metalwork: Mild Steel (Z11.1)
  • Purpose Made Metalwork: Aluminium (Z11.2)
  • Purpose Made Metalwork: Austenitic Stainless Steel (Z11.3)
  • Purpose Made Metalwork: Copper/Copper Alloy (Z11.4)
  • Timber Weatherboarding (H21)
  • Structural Glass Assemblies (H13)

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