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WRAP Waste & Resource Action Programme (JB) G#1043 N#1060

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WRAP Waste & Resource Action Programme 

WRAP Waste & Resource Action Programme

  • Funded by government from Landfill Tax and previously by the Regional Governments,
  • Was part of the BREW crew
  • Promote the use of recycled content construction products
  • Developing the recycling manufacturers and recycling potential in industry
  • Encouraged Architects to specify recycled
  • Combined work between BRE and WRAP: QuickWins: EP and % recyclate and % cost savings
  • Recycling at the expense of Reclaim and Reuse, shrinking the potential of the Architectural Salvage sector.
  • With government subsidy and powerful promotion and encouragement programme
  • Their success is judged by the tonnes diverted from landfill.
  • They have encouraged manufacturers to mix the most bizarre materials in order to help remove problematic materials; making then difficult to separate at the end of life.
  • Ran SWMP workshops combined Envirowise, EA, WRAP, BRE, NGS GreenSpec, but failed to address resource efficiency adequately, slipping through the gaps.
  • Recycling by binding natural recyclate with synthetic binders does not move us forward in the way Cradle to Cradle discourages mixing natural and technical cycles.
  • Recycling promoted and financed at this level will do nothing to encourage redesign of products to be seperatable at the end of life to be reusable rather than recycling.
  • Developed some publications on reducing waste by design, without which we continue to generate waste.
  • Few designers have engaged with or are willing to admit they generate the waste by design decisions.
  • Recently beginning to engage with LCA, so the true impact of recycling will become known and may even be dicouraged.
  • Now WRAP heads up the whole of the resource efficiency activity including: Envirowise (now Archived), NISP, WRAP activity, despite NISP being the most productive.
  • No longer funded to address the UK Construction Industry (2014)

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2008 – 6th August 2013 – 12th March 2016

WRAP Waste & Resource Action Programme




© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2008 – 6th August 2013 – 30th November 2013

WRAP Waste & Resource Action Programme
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