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Jargon Buster Index CAWS B G#821 N#843

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS B 

Jargon Buster Index CAWS B

  • B          Complete buildings/structures/units
  • B01      Building General Description
  • B02      Building General Performance
  • B03      Elemental System Performance
  • B04      Elemental Assembly Specifications
  • B05      Engineering Services General Description
  • B06      Engineering Services System Performance
  • B1        Prefabricated buildings/structures/units
  • B10      Proprietary buildings/structures
  • B11      Prefabricated building units
  • B12      Conservatories
  • B13      Modular constructions
  • B14      Panelled constructions
  • B15      Framed constructions

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS B

  • Q41            Barriers and Guardrails
  • E65             Beam and Block floor/roof
  • R13             Below Ground foul drainage systems
  • R11             Below ground surface water drainage systems
  • N80             Biodiversity Enhancement/Mitigation Systems
  • S35             Biogas Supply Systems
  • N16             Bird and Vermin Control systems
  • H33             Bitumen and fibre profiled sheet cladding covering
  • H66             Bituminous felt shingling
  • S16             Bore hole systems
  • S18             Bore hole water supply systems
  • F23             Boulder and Turf hedge bank walling
  • F50             Brick slip cladding
  • F1               Brick/Block walling
  • F10             Brick/Block walling
  • C14             Building Engineering services survey
  • Z                 Building fabric reference specification
  • P                 Building fabric sundries
  • C13             Building fabric survey/Pre-Demolition/Alteration Audit
  • B01             Building General Description
  • B02             Building General Performance
  • Y41             Building monitoring and management systems
  • J41             Built up felt roof coverings
  • V33             Busbar trunking
  • Y62             Busbar trunking

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS B
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