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Jargon Buster Index CAWS D G#823 N#845

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS D 

Jargon Buster Index CAWS D

  • D          Groundwork
  • D1        Ground stabilisation/dewatering
  • D10      Ground investigation
  • D11      Soil stabilization
  • D12      Site dewatering
  • D2        Excavation/filling
  • D20      Excavating & Filling Resource Recovery/Waste Minimisation
  • D21      Ground Gas Venting
  • D21      Landfill capping
  • D3        Piling
  • D30      Piling
  • D31      Preformed concrete piling
  • D32      Steel piling
  • D33      Timber piling
  • D34      Steel Auger/Corkscrew piling
  • D4        Ground retention
  • D40      Embedded retaining walls
  • D41      Crib walls/Gabions/Drystack masonry
  • D41      Crib walls/Gabions/Reinforced earth
  • D45      Soil nailing
  • D5        Underpinning
  • D50      Underpinning

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS D

  • C45             Damp proof course renewal/Insertion
  • W31            Data Distribution systems
  • W30            Data transmission
  • A55             Dayworks
  • M52            Decorative papers/fabrics
  • S12             Deionised and Distilled water supply systems
  • S64             Deluge Systems
  • C20             Demolishing structures/Deconstruction Resource Recovery
  • A60             Demolition contract preliminaries
  • C22             Demolition of services
  • C2               Demolition/Removal
  • K40             Demountable suspended ceilings
  • A13             Description of the work
  • E40             Designed joints for in situ concrete
  • W46            Detection arch systems
  • V43             Direct current power supply
  • T36             Direct Gas Fired heating units
  • W7              Display and information
  • R                 Disposal systems
  • X3               Documents transport
  • W9              Domestic communications-security-safety and protection
  • R9               Domestic disposal
  • V9               Domestic electrical systems
  • T9               Domestic heating- cooling and refrigeration systems
  • N11             Domestic kitchen fittings
  • S9               Domestic piped supply systems
  • X9               Domestic transport
  • U9               Domestic ventilation and air conditioning
  • L20             Doors
  • L2               Doors/Shutters/Hatches
  • G28            Dowelled/Nailed stacked wood panel systems
  • R1               Drainage
  • R12             Drainage below ground
  • K3               Dry partitions
  • S61             Dry riser systems
  • V23             Dry-type transformers
  • U32             Dual-duct air conditioning
  • U20             Dust collection systems

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS D
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